House Naether was one of the Noble Houses of the Storm Elves. Their stronghold was Tor Naether, which is situated near the River Lahn in the Storm Reaches, north of Tor Embric and south of Tor Indradath.

The dragon roost at the top of the tower is infested with Pseudogragons, and the tower itself is largely held to be haunted, though the structure itself is in remarkably good shape. The place was shunned by local Giants & Orcs due to it’s ill repute before the new Storm Reach Kingdom was established.

In the tower, the party discovered an ancient curse, a shadow demon, the corpse of Rhadec Malygris, and what appeared to be a bottomless pit. During their investigations, Mio-Jo-Joli went mad. Malygris later went missing from the tower. There are suspicions that the bespectacled man was involved in that.

Anthec has resumed occupation since the re-establishment of the Kingdom, but the place still has a bad reputation.


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