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The campaign takes place in the world of Gaeda, a world not unlike our own. The story begins within the confines of the Known World. This consists of the existing major cultures surrounding the Adastrican Ocean, their homelands, and their colonies.


In terms of Geography, Gaeda is very similar to Earth, and has similar topographic features, just slightly exaggerated for heroic effect. Much of the Flora and Fauna is similar as well. The astronomy of Gaeda is somewhat different, however – the world has two moons. Time is reckoned in a similar manner, and the campaign will use a normal calendar to track in-game dates in order to keep things simple.


Alfaen – The original island homeland of the Elves.

Hegemony of Aquilonia – The northern empire of Men. Highly centralized, it is overseen by the Emperor from his Imperial Seat in the city of Aquilon.

Phar Shekem – The southern empire of Men. It is a vast and powerful empire, but culturally very diverse.

Dwarven Shieldlands – Homelands of the dwarfs, spread throughout the Silvertine Mountains north and east of Aquilonia.

Cozahrs – The Cozahrs are tribes of men living in the wild, rugged country to the east of Aquilonia.

Undra – Once a colony of Alfaen, these Elves have broken away from the mother-culture to embrace a profound mysticism and an extreme form of nature-worship.

The Island Kingdoms – A number of independent kingdoms of various sizes clinging to the shattered remains of what was once the Empire of Adastrica, now lost.

The Colonial Lands – On the Western Continent are a series of settlements. Many of them are former colonies of Adastrica, but some are current outposts of Aquilonia and Phar-Shekem.

The Kashwa – Like the Cozahrs in the east, these are mostly nomadic tribes of humans.

The Storm Reaches – The colder, snowy mountain areas in the north of the Western Continent. This is the former home of the Storm Elves.

Halfling Culture – Halflings are a race often subjugated by the larger races and can be found serving or living as a subculture beside many cultures.

Gnomes – Gnomes are found everywhere, though never in great numbers. They are often employed as advisers, consultants, and clerks, for they have a reputation as a scholarly people. Their culture is somewhat separatist, and they are sometimes seen as secretive.


Important dates and related notes can be found in the history section.


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