Lyssandria is a free state in the Colonial Lands. It is an amalgamation of several former colonies of Adastrica located along Delos Bay. It was named after a 3rd dynasty Adastrican princess. It is ruled by a Steward, who occupies a post formerly appointed by the Adastrican emperor, and twice yearly there is a Diet which is attended by representatives of all of the noble families during which disputes are settled and decisions about state policy are made. The Steward is currently elected from the Diet, although these elections are generally well managed and controlled by the more powerful individuals and families.

The current Steward is Theobald Runcible.

The current Lord Martial of Lyssandria is Franz Auric.

The current Lord Arcane of Lyssandria is Sheldon Mittlemetz.

Lyssandria is bordered on the south by the Prophares Protectorate and on the north by the colony of New Delos. To the northwest are the Ramoth Heathlands. Lyssandria’s northern border is marked by the the Great Cairns a rocky geological feature about fifty miles north of Lyssa’s Port, but the southern border is a matter of contention with Prophares. In fact, Lyssandria has strained relations with all of its neighbors and there are rumors that some kind of conflict may be imminent.

Major Settlements:

The Capitol of Lyssandria is Lyssa’s Port, which sits at the mouth of the Fulrush River.

Adricsdorf is an important river port.

Guildport is on the shore of Delos Bay.

Mannadan is an important agricultural center near the Broken Coast.

Blackwall Station is a town on the border with Prophares which some people consider to be properly a part of Lyssandria.

Oakhaven is a small town north and west of Adricsdorf.

Hearnsward is an inland farming town north of Oakhaven.

The western borders of Lyssandria are the territory of the Eagle Tribe of the Kashwa.

NOTES: In the Spring of 1902, Anthec, the Lord Martial of Prophares, invaded Southern Lyssandria. The party went north after receiving word of this and does not yet know the results of this conflict.


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