Kingdom Turn 1

Kingdom Establishment

Kingdom Turn one is the later winter of 1903.

turn 1:

Failed stability check: +2 unrest
upkeep: -11 BP Consumption

Select Leaders:
Councilor: —Khaelec Al-Thennet (Claims he is Heir of Tor Alric)
Spymaster: —Angread Ebrasten (Claims he is Heir or Tor Drafnae – Now called Chatapiet)
Grand Diplomat: Mio Jo-Joli: —Mio Jo-Joli of Tor Embric (Due a seat on the Council despite her madness)
Lord Chancellor: —Anthec of Tor Naether (Tasked to Reduce Unrest)
Treasurer: —Phaedrus Embradath (A Mastercraftsman, once employed by Tor Embric before the fall)
Ruler: Iolar (changes focus to Economy)

Build 1 new road (1 BP)
Build 1 farm in hills west of Indradath (4 BP)
Build Housing in Tor Indradath (3 BP)
Build a Granary in Tor Indradath (12 BP)

Promotions increased to Token
Taxes remain light
Festivals remain 1

Income: success (28) add +5 BP to Treasury

Events: No Random Event
Ongoing Event: Bandit Activity (Stability Check Failed, treasury reduced by 6 BP)

Final Treasury: 33 BP
Unrest: 2

Kingdom Turn 2

Kingdom Turn 1

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