Golden Plates

These are two plates of solid gold, roughly 10″ × 7″ each, inscribed in an unknown language. By the use of Magic, they may be deciphered to reveal the following statements:

So it is said by the Gna’mak Sages that the world was created as a bauble for the gods, strung tautly between the darkness and the light and turning forever in its jeweled setting, and the clasp which holds all in balance is the gate which swings both ways, shut forever by a fate which holds both freedom and violence in check.

So that fate was ceded to the world, a clever clasp that only the gods may open by the massaging of destiny, for that fate was in three sundered elements that were all infused with the nature of Arioch, that of the primal chaos, which no mortal may grasp with its hand alone.

The Anech was ever the charge of His Divine Shadow, first among the hidden kings in the night below.

The Asta was placed in the Web of Lies where the Dark Queen brooded over it until her heart grew horns and teeth.

The Dosh was given to the Cold Warden who guards the two rings of ice, who will suffer none to approach him.

But such was the power of this fate that it warped the world, and the name of Arioch became as a curse which curdled the intentions of all, and corroded the clasp, and ever seeks to tear open the gate which swings both ways. The Dark queen was the first to fall, as she desired greatly the death of the Divine Shadow, and set her children to the task. By this act all dooms were stirred up as a wind stirs up the dust, and the world has shuddered ever since as one scheme begets a further scheme until all of creation is at its own throat.
So the Sages say that the servants of the gods are given a heavy task: to rebuild a wall even as it crumbles, to sew shut the gaps even as they tear, to give life to the corpse which decays.

Kadeth bat kad, Fireth bat fir, Urreth mekt urr, khal holash.

Golden Plates

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