Eye of Arioch

A blood red gem about the size of a large orange. When examining it closely, one may glimpse something horrible within its facets.

There are several cryptic references made to it in an excerpt hastily copied from a book in the library of Galen the Alchemist.

It is apparently known by the following names:

Ahthask Zhan hrut A’uera A’och (some unknown language, possibly a subterranean tongue)
Anech kad Gesh Rhe Ak (unknown language, possibly Gnomish)
Bane of Uluth
Eye of Arioch
The Ferric Eye
The Demon’s Eye

From Zarunal’s research he has identified the following possible powers. All of these require the lead shielding to be removed in order to function:

1 – By holding it aloft and speaking the name of Arioch, the gem will cast a lurid red light, 30’ radius, that reveals hidden things as the spell “True Seeing”, CL 20th (20 minute duration). It can do this 3x/ day. Using this power causes great unease in all those present who see the light.

2 – Gazing into the depths of the crystal for a long time supposedly allows the user to Astrally Project, granting them access to the Akashic Record. However, it is hinted that there is some kind of terrible impediment or guardian which must be passed in order to use this power. There may be some risk to soul and sanity involved.

3 – There are indications it may be able to cast the spell “Shadow Walk”. The ritual to activate this power is unknown, and seems to require the aid of a Shadow or perhaps knowledge of the name of a particular Shadow. This seems dangerous.

4 – It can cast the spell “Etherealness”, probably at a very high level. Legends speak of Uluth creating an entire troop of ghostly soldiers for use in the sack of Inshan. Supposedly they were able to shift in and out of the Ethereal plane, allowing them to attack people in the material world. The ritual to activate this power is unknown, but it probably requires some kind of blood sacrifice, as history speaks of a great sacrificial offering made prior to the attack on Inshan, which drove several people involved to take their own lives soon afterward.

5 – It is thought that during the cataclysm of Adastrica, Thessala of Khem used the power of the eye to Elude Time (as per the APG spell). How she did this is not exactly clear, though it seems to involve making a plea in the name of Arioch or perhaps an entreaty to Arioch. It is said that the incident left her mad ever after, but whether this was a function of the events of the cataclysm or of the eye itself is unknown.

6 – Uluth apparently used the eye to cast a “Gate” spell. It seems to have been exceedingly simple to do so, perhaps requiring as little as knowing the true name of the entity to be called or else the secret name of the plane to be contacted. Indeed, Uluth may have done so unintentionally. Certainly, whatever he did call up was more than he could handle, for legend says that it killed him in a particularly gruesome and public manner.

If Galen’s book is to be believed, this artifact can somehow be combined with two others, or else is possibly part of a set of three. The others are referred to as the Dosh kad Gesh Rhe Ak and the Asta kad Gesh Rhe Ak. Combining the three is said to open the Gates of Delerium.

The Eye is mentioned on the Golden Plates

Eye of Arioch

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