bespectacled man

Rumors of this individual have been dogging the party since the winter of 1902, and possibly earlier. He has only been encountered directly once, and his identity remains unknown. Here are the facts in evidence:

He has well groomed dark hair and a short grey beard. He wears spectacles to improve his eyesight.

He is some kind of Necromancer. (He raised a troop of Zombies at castle Chatapiet on the Night of the Ferric Eye. He also employed zombies during a raid on the main temple of Lyssa’s Port in January of 1902.

On that same night, he attempted to steal a vial of blood from the vaults of Lord Fouret. Most likely Vampire blood.

He stole a vial of holy oil from the tomb of a saint in the main temple of Lyssa’s Port.

He committed some kind of horrible ritualistic murder involving some of Avron’s former shipmates during his time in Lyssa’s Port.

He attempted to use a zombie agent to steal the Embric Spellbook from the party shortly after they acquired it. When the head from the corpse of his lackey was temporarily revived and asked his identity, it responded by saying something that sounded like “Zeek! Zeek da Buhrded Mahhnnnn!!”

He has shown a fondness for eating apples.

He was in possession of a macabre “shopping list” that seemed to outline a quest for body parts of various kinds of undead creatures and certain blasphemous deeds that required committing. Zarunal suspects that it may be related to some kind of attempt at Lichedom.

Shortly after the party purged Tor Naether of the Shadow Demon, he apparently entered the tower and had an altercation involving the corpse of Rhadec Malygris. The nature of what happened is unknown, but Malygris no longer sits upon his throne in the tower.

It has been theorized by Zarunal that this individual may even have been involved with the ghouls that the party encountered in their early days during the survey for Lord Birgen.

The Party believes this man may be the Mister Keel identified in Mako’s Notes

bespectacled man

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