Adricsdorf is a large town on the Kohnnash river in the free state of Lyssandria. In addition to being a trading port, there are at least three mills on the river and a the town is supported by a large agricultural base. There are three noble families whose members constitute the area’s major landowners: House Enfield, House Gruun, and House Marazs. Representatives of those families form the town council which manages the affairs of Adricsdorf. Also on the council are the head of the Merchant’s Guild, the captain of the local Garrison, and the Reeve, who is elected by the nobles.

The Kohnnash is navigable by barge below Adricsdorf’s river port. Upriver of the port is Oak Falls where the mills are located, and beyond that the river becomes much shallower and there are numerous small waterfalls, making it only passable by Canoe. As a result, the river port at Adricsdorf serves a number of inland communities with goods that come up from Guildport on the Bay.

The westernmost settlements of Adricsdorf are just south of the river near a tributary of the Kohnnash called Smoky Creek. An Aquilonian noble named Birgen has been given a land grant in that area, which will be settled sometime in the near future.

Because of the threat of war with Prophares, a wood and earth palisade wall has been constructed around the main part of the town, and further fortifications are planned.


The apothecary run by Gaeseric.

The Wine Merchant.

Kristian’s Mercantile


Guildport downriver on Delos Bay

Oak Falls upriver of town is just a collections of farms and a couple of mills owned by Lord Gruun.

Oakhaven, a smaller farming community upriver on the Kohnnash.

Blackwall Station, about 75 miles to the south. Its keep marks the border between Lyssandria and Prophares

Mannadan is 80 miles north along the road near the Broken Coast. Continuing along the north road eventually brings one to Lyssa’s Port, the capitol of Lyssandria.


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