Eagle Tribe

The Eagle Tribe are a clan of the Kashwa people who roam the hills and forests west of Lyssandria. The Eagle is their totem animal.

The Tribe is has been very much oppressed in recent years, caught between the expanding colonists to the east and increasing activity among the Giants, Ogres, and other monsters to the west. The party rescued one of their Shamen in late September of 1901, and later made diplomatic overtures on their behalf to Lord Birgen, who’s new land grant impacts on their territory.

Zarunal Turner taught the Eagle Tribe the secret of making and working Steel, which they did not know, being largely aboriginal hunters and gatherers. In exchange for this, the tribe agreed to deliver a quantity of furs and dried bat guano on behalf of the party for delivery to the Affable New World Pipeweed and Furrier Mercantile in Lyssa’s Port. The party also arranged delivery of some quantities of Iron Ore to the tribe for them to begin working with.

In pursuing the matter laid before them by Cyrus Stewart, party have met a northern branch of the Eagle Tribe which appears to be only loosely associated with their more southern cousins. Their winter encampment lies near the Valley of the Ancestors.

Eagle Tribe

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