Paths of Gaeda

Valley of the Fierce
Vengeance of spirits

The Elk rider party has begun to explore a valley inhabited by ogre, kobold, and Orcs. there are signs of a large encampment. They have savaged wolf Brothers and are cursed.

These beasts hide in their caves and gloat over the power here, feeling secure in their dens, eating of each others flesh, and torturing Wolf men.

Our war party is stronger. We combat them on their own grounds and grind them out. The feeling of success in battle fills our spirits and makes the impossible possible! Our battle shouts are glorious and break the will of our enemies!

We discovered some of the village clan folk in the caves along with a Wolf brother spirit the Orc had taken captive. The Kashwa brought honor to our clan and I have faced the Broken Wolf spirit, healing him as I was able and setting him free though he was mad almost beyond reason. Vile spirit talkers from below taunted me in my work but I heard nothing of import in their words. They used the undead to cast arrows at the weakened Wolf -brother killing him and sealing their own deaths. We have honored his spirit and released him from the world with a pyre built unchallenged within the very center of the valley. The Wolf spirits will surely aid us now and protect us from passing in the battles to come.
We healed and guided the Village clan people safely to their home and they provided generously for us in gratitude with much promised aid and hopes for our further success.

We return to the valley fortified and cleansed. We wet our appetite for battle by defeating The Chief of one of the Orc clans and his personal warriors.

My spirit hungers for the blood of my enemies and is now fortified with the rage of the wolf.

Challenge Town
Log of Surly Blackwool

Elk-Rider has decided to find the ones responsible for Killing my Tribal brothers clan. She tracks the path of the coins and Assassin dagger left behind.

We are attacked in The Blasted Heath by goblins and Elk-rider disparages of the Storm elves neglect of this abandoned town – though it was lost during the wars.

We learn that the Coins are from Ramoth
We also learn that the knife maker was some place in Aquilonia and it was probably brought over during the war.

Orcs raiders are encountered bearing a red skull tattoo. I have not heard of this tribe before. They are raiding a very large territory according to a map that is found with them.

On Elk-riders quest to find the craftsman who created the Assassin knife maker she challenges warriors in a town of desecrated ground and defeats them gaining passage.

2nd Generation
Bar fight

Log of Surly Blackwool
I heard on the streets of Lyssa’s Port that Some wealthy Elven dandy would be hiring at the Golden Mermaid and made my way there in curiosity and to benefit from the increased patronage. All was quiet until the Elk-Rider showed up. She had a small gathering about herself and had begun speaking of the Storm Elves and the war. She set some hot head off and I leapt onto the table to try and intimidate them into reconsidering a fight but they were well in their cups and having none of it. Weapons were drawn and it got pretty ugly. She decided that those left standing afterwards were her responsibility and would be fitting companions to reach her goals. The local guards were bribed to look the other way if we moved on out of town.

The group that travel with Elk-rider (Selina) are:
Tree Shadow (Shadow)- a Sneaky tree sleeper
Surly Blackwool – Kashwa Medicine man
Little Thunderstorm (Dunkle) – A dwarf
Ragnar- a Kashwa brother – a Warrior
Day-Ana Night-eyes (Dayana) – a human Mage

Drinks fire (Thornrim)- a dwarven Alchemist
Badgers Sister (Amareith)

14 years pass
Session 1

This is a place holder for the events of the last14 years after which will follow session 1 of the Next bunch of adventurers to brave the Path of Geada!

Session 57
Back at the Ranch

Liath agrees to stay and guard the newly created access tunnel to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth while Zarunal teleports the rest of the party back to Tor Indradath. Unfortunately, en route Zarunal is somehow separated from the party and they end up arriving without him. (he eventually arrives much later, but that tale will have to wait until next session)

Politics and conspiracies rule the day back in the Storm Reach Kingdom. Anthec is hosting foreigners and plotting something, but nobody knows just what. Tor Alric has been liberated from the orcs and is demanding aid to re-establish the hold. Kendra El-Eladra wants to build a new shrine to Ge’an at Tor Eladra. Mio Jo Jolie is somewhat recovered from her madness, but she remains aloof and does not interact much with the party. Iolar has his hands full getting the council to pursue a sane course going forward.

Ala, meanwhile, receives a mysterious visitor in the evening: it is our old friend Victor. He has been sent to deliver a blackmail message on behalf of person or persons unknown, threatening to expose to Iolar that she is using a false name and is wanted for some reason by the elves of Alfaen. The terms he offers are a demand for information: a complete account of everything that has happened on the expedition to the Lost Caverns.

Ala decides to come clean with Iolar of her own accord: she reveal s herself to be his long-lost wife from a marriage arranged when they were barely of age. A marriage that each of them fled from in their own way. He is not overly surprised by the revelation, and the settle on a cordial but formal relationship for the moment. Victor eventually appears to Iolar, and Iolar notices that he looks haggard and sleep-deprived. Victor delivers the message he’s been paid to deliver, but Iolar gets him to stop for a brief moment and talk. He realizes that Victor is scared – apparently, the Drow have been sighted abroad in the surface world. Victor reiterates his fear of the deeper places of the earth before departing.

Avron does some research in the archives regarding the wondrous ship from the caverns, and he learns something of its history as well as the command word to get it to shrink down to a portable size.

Finally, Losfal is lured away from the Tor by an invitation of a peculiar nature. In the hills to the northwest of the tor, there are strange lights, and he encounters a bizarre individual who calls himself Punchwood and who makes odd pronouncements, claiming that there is a great work ahead, that Losfal must “Move within the spheres” and “Beware the eight hundred and eighty-two”. Punchwood then wanders away and vanishes into the night. When told of the incident, Iolar suspects that Punchwood is some kind of lunatic Fey.

The party eventually returns to the lost caverns, and finally descends the lift in the ice cave that Chossus was guarding. There is a partially collapsed passage into a much greater, temple-like space, where the heroes encounter a number of Troglodytes. Chossus had warned them that the lower caves had somehow become infested with these strange creatures and the party was prepared for the belligerent welcome they recieved. However, an alarm is sounded, and there is the noise of much movement in the surrounding caverns…

Session 56
Costly Negotiations

The party enters a new unexplored cave and Losfal once more encounters a sinister, shadowy presence that flees before his scrutiny. The party is sidetracked into a cave that appears to be lavishly furnished and staffed by dancing girls and a genial host. However, tucked away in a corner the party spies the Genie’s lamp, and it becomes clear that these are Jinn who are guarding the lamp. They weave an complicated web of illusions which temporarily befuddle and confuse the party, but ultimately they are dispatched. The Genie’s Lamp is returned to him and he offers Iolar a wish.

Iolar, wary of wishes and not wanting to get himself in trouble, makes a selfless wish for “prosperity for my house and my people”. The Genie interprets this as a propserous future for the Storm Elves, which he says is assured.

The party then makes it’s way to the final chamber: which turns out to be a deep, ice-filled shaft going down to darkness, and equipped with some kind of lift/elevator device. The party makes arrangements to descend, with Liath staying at the top in order to work the lift. Halfway down, however, a Dragon named Chossus makes it’s presence known in the cave. It seeks revenge on the Storm Elf King, as it has been trapped in this chamber for over a century due to the actions of Thessala of Khem and the difficulties surrounding the previous civil war. The Dragon almost carries Iolar off to feast on him, but some very hasty and desperate negotiations are made, and Iolar makes many promises, the most immediate of which is to get the Dragon out of the cave somehow.

With Zarunal’s help and a good deal of planning and advice from the entire party, it is eventually managed. Chossus is freed from the mountain, and the party decides to return to Tor Indradath to rest and resupply before descending the shaft to explore the lower caverns of Tsojcanth.

Before the session ends, Iolar figures out how to use his Shout spell to shatter the crustal growing on Zarunal’s hand.

Session 55
Further Explorations

The party engages the Banshee briefly, but she nearly kills Avron with a single blow and everyone decides that discretion is the better part of valor. The party flees back to the boat and sets off once more across the underground lake. Crossing the lake, however, they attract the attention of a Water Orm which nearly capsizes the boat before Liath’s sharpshooting puts it down.

They discover a damp cavern full of raging waterfalls and cruel, sharp, stalactites. There is a chest overgrown with mineral formations and a key hanging from a chain amidst the most powerful of the falls. The party spends an inordinate amount of time debating how to retrieve the key, but eventually they get the chest open, revealing a magical crystal ring that Zarunal claims as his own. Unfortunately, not long after he begins wearing it the crystal begins to grow, affixing itself to his hand and gradually threatening to take over his entire arm. Zarunal is forced to keep his hand in a mitten full of rocksalt and rice to keep the crystal from growing further.

Later, the party enters a water-filled cavern where rests Marid Genie, entombed in ice. They free him, but he demands the return of his lamp. They are unsure how powerful he is, and agree to look for his lamp elsewhere in the caverns.

Eventually a new set of caves is reached, and the party prepares to delve into the last of the unexplored passageways.

Session 54
Unpleasant Surprises

The party investigates it’s only remaining avenue deeper into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Losfal falls afoul of a trap that seems to kill him instantly, but this is an illusion concealing a far more mundane and annoying pit trap, which eventually ensnares nearly the entire party in one fashion or another.

A further trap is noticed by Liath’s eagle eyes and deftly defused by Ala. The party makes their way deeper into the cavern and is ambushed by a hoard of spiders and a pair of giant ettins before reaching the shores of an underground lake. There is a current here – and a boat – and hints of something moving in the water.

The party retrieves the boat, discovers the secrets of its magical locomotion, and begins investigating those caves which give onto the lake. Disembarking in one likely area, they begin exploring the maze of passages only to find themselves cornered by some sort of apparition- in the ruins of a once-inhabited chamber they are accosted by the spirit – it screams at them, revealing itself to be a Banshee!

Session 53
Dungeon Delving

The party finally delves into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. They discover a number of dangers, from giant bats to guardian golems, fiendish trapped fountains and wandering ghosts, among other things. There is evidence that this place was once indeed a storehouse of Elven treasure, but most of it has obviously been previously looted or cleared out. There is an underground river here as well.

On top of this, there is a strange presence in the caverns – some kind of tall, cloaked or winged apparition with red glowing eyes that seems to lurk in the darkness, always just out of sight. Only Zarunal and Losfal have seen even a glimpse of the thing so far, but it seems to appear when danger is near.

The party exhausts most of their options for proceeding forward into the caverns, but there is one corridor that has yet to be explored.

Session 52
The Memory of Trees

The party rouses them selves and discovers that Liath is missing. They eventually track him down to the grove of the nereid Lahn and attempt to break the enchantment upon him, unsuccessfully. Lahn appears and is angry at their meddling. She summons several water elementals and a battle ensues. Iolar is nearly drawn into the water himself by the nereid’s wiles, but eventually she is forced to surrender and agrees to restore Liath’s proper form.

The party picks their way north along the river. At one point, Liath sees that they are being followed/observed – he suspects by a small group of gnomes. Ultimately the group reaches a nearly hidden ravine of bare rock, which leads to a hidden staircase, partially obliterated. Eventually they come to a shelf of rubble where part of the mountain has fallen down, but there is evidence that the avalanche has buried some kind of structure here. Zarunal takes the form of an earth elemental and digs into the ground to investigate.

While he does so, the rest of the party is attacked by a dracolisk. Iolar is almost immediately turned to stone by it’s gaze, but the rest of the heroes make short work of the beast.

Zarunal returns and reports that there is some kind of cave system or structure buried below. IT appears that the party has finally found the [[Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.]] Zaurnal breaks the enchantment upon Iolar, and he is restored to life. Some arrangements are made, and the party uses dimension door spells to penetrate into the buried caverns.


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