Paths of Gaeda

Valley of the Fierce

Vengeance of spirits

The Elk rider party has begun to explore a valley inhabited by ogre, kobold, and Orcs. there are signs of a large encampment. They have savaged wolf Brothers and are cursed.

These beasts hide in their caves and gloat over the power here, feeling secure in their dens, eating of each others flesh, and torturing Wolf men.

Our war party is stronger. We combat them on their own grounds and grind them out. The feeling of success in battle fills our spirits and makes the impossible possible! Our battle shouts are glorious and break the will of our enemies!

We discovered some of the village clan folk in the caves along with a Wolf brother spirit the Orc had taken captive. The Kashwa brought honor to our clan and I have faced the Broken Wolf spirit, healing him as I was able and setting him free though he was mad almost beyond reason. Vile spirit talkers from below taunted me in my work but I heard nothing of import in their words. They used the undead to cast arrows at the weakened Wolf -brother killing him and sealing their own deaths. We have honored his spirit and released him from the world with a pyre built unchallenged within the very center of the valley. The Wolf spirits will surely aid us now and protect us from passing in the battles to come.
We healed and guided the Village clan people safely to their home and they provided generously for us in gratitude with much promised aid and hopes for our further success.

We return to the valley fortified and cleansed. We wet our appetite for battle by defeating The Chief of one of the Orc clans and his personal warriors.

My spirit hungers for the blood of my enemies and is now fortified with the rage of the wolf.



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