Paths of Gaeda

Challenge Town

Log of Surly Blackwool

Elk-Rider has decided to find the ones responsible for Killing my Tribal brothers clan. She tracks the path of the coins and Assassin dagger left behind.

We are attacked in The Blasted Heath by goblins and Elk-rider disparages of the Storm elves neglect of this abandoned town – though it was lost during the wars.

We learn that the Coins are from Ramoth
We also learn that the knife maker was some place in Aquilonia and it was probably brought over during the war.

Orcs raiders are encountered bearing a red skull tattoo. I have not heard of this tribe before. They are raiding a very large territory according to a map that is found with them.

On Elk-riders quest to find the craftsman who created the Assassin knife maker she challenges warriors in a town of desecrated ground and defeats them gaining passage.



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