Paths of Gaeda

2nd Generation

Bar fight

Log of Surly Blackwool
I heard on the streets of Lyssa’s Port that Some wealthy Elven dandy would be hiring at the Golden Mermaid and made my way there in curiosity and to benefit from the increased patronage. All was quiet until the Elk-Rider showed up. She had a small gathering about herself and had begun speaking of the Storm Elves and the war. She set some hot head off and I leapt onto the table to try and intimidate them into reconsidering a fight but they were well in their cups and having none of it. Weapons were drawn and it got pretty ugly. She decided that those left standing afterwards were her responsibility and would be fitting companions to reach her goals. The local guards were bribed to look the other way if we moved on out of town.

The group that travel with Elk-rider (Selina) are:
Tree Shadow (Shadow)- a Sneaky tree sleeper
Surly Blackwool – Kashwa Medicine man
Little Thunderstorm (Dunkle) – A dwarf
Ragnar- a Kashwa brother – a Warrior
Day-Ana Night-eyes (Dayana) – a human Mage

Drinks fire (Thornrim)- a dwarven Alchemist
Badgers Sister (Amareith)



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