A disiplined, cynical & thrifty halfing Wizard.


Male halfling Wizard 12
LG Small humanoid
Init 2 ; Senses Perception +6, Keen Senses (2 to find secret doors/compartments)


AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 16 (3 armor, +2 dex, +1 size, +2 deflection)
hp 47 (12d6)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +9
Defensive Abilities Fearless


Spd 20 ft/x4
Melee +1 Dagger, Melee +7/
1 1d3 19-20/x2
Melee Mwk Club 7/1 1d4-1 20/x2
Ranged Ray 9 By Spell -
Ranged Sling +9 1d3-1 20/x2
Special Attacks Metamagic Mastery


Str 8, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +6/
1, Cmb +3Cmd +17
Languages Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Terran
SQ Arcane Bond, Hand of the Apprentice
Class Abilities
ARCANE BOND: You have formed an arcane bond with a Staff. You require the Staff to cast (else, make a spellcraft check DC 20 + spell level to avoid losing the spell), but it can be used once per day to cast any one spell that the wizard knows; Metamagic cannot be applied. (PFCR 78).
ARCANE SCHOOL: You are a wizard of the Universalist school. You have the following school powers:
– Hand of the Apprentice – Melee weapon makes a single melee attack within 30 ft. and returns. As ranged attack with thrown weapon, with Int mod instead of Dex. Damage still Str-based. Cannot perform combat maneuver. Standard action. 7 times/day. (PFCR 82).
– Metamagic Mastery – 2 uses per day. Metamagic level mod is usage cost. Spell level + mod level cannot exceed your maximum spell level. (PFCR 82).
(PFCR 79-82).
SPELLBOOK: The wizard must prepare all spells from a spellbook, except Read Magic. (PFCR 79).
WEAPONS AND ARMOR: Club, dagger, sling, light crossbow. Armor and shields interfere with spellcasting. (PFCR).
WIZARD CANTRIPS: The wizard can cast known 0-level spells at will. (PFCR 79).
WIZARD SPELLS: A wizard may know any number of spells, and cast them according to the spell progression in PFCR 78. (PFCR 78).

  • SCRIBE SCROLL: The wizard gets Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat. (PFCR 78).
  • SPELL MASTERY: (xx,xx,xx,xx)

Spell Levels;
lvl 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
4 5 5 5 4 3 2 +1/day any w/ focus
DC 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
DC = 10 + spell lvl + 3(int mod)
h3. Possessions

  • Backpack; Clothes, Rations, Food, Mug, Water, Sm bowl.
    • Traveling Spellbook
    • Spellbook1
    • A small signal horn, Masterwork sm crossbow (d6 dam) 8 bolts, chalk powder, small perfume bottle, traveling alchemists kit (+1 to alch.) ear plugs.
  • Spell focus; A wooden Rod of Empowerment (metamagic empower spell 3/day) from the Fey Queen
  • (Eye of Arioch ) a large Blood red gem encased in a lead box_ (with prophetic papers of doom) That the Shadow King wants (and should probably have; see Golden Plates)
  • Spectacles of Minute seeing
  • Wand;dimension door; 5 charges
  • Wand of Fireballs; 2 charges
  • A Pair of Magical Bracers (armor +3)(from the mad witch)
  • +2 ring of protection
  • - Bag of Electricity Damage -
  • Adamantine Dagger +1 (Elven)
  • Scrolls
    • Scroll of Black Tentacles
  • Potions
    • Cure Light wounds (2)
Library lab or vault
  • Zarunal’s Apprentice Spellbook
  • Zarunal’s Master Spellbook
  • Transcendental Chest
  • Spell Book: Interposing Hand
  • Spell Book: Sleet Storm
  • Vial of Purple Alchemical Ink
  • Eversmoking Bottle
  • Rune Gold for forging a ring of Protection +1 or +2
  • Set of Engraved Golden Plates from Tor Naether
  • A kashwa dagger
  • A Masterwork wand shaped like a spoon (never charged)
  • Dimensional Shackles

Master Zarunal, a loyal ally of King Iolar and High Wizard of the Storm Reaches is often overlooked and misjudged as weak except perhaps by those few with great power. He has come to his power through misfortune, sacrifice and friendship. The once powerful Elves of the Storm Reaches are embarrassed that a Halfling should hold such a lofty title over they who have struggled in this land. As Master Zarunal he is an outsider as well of Halfling society. While a formal Kris has never been held to judge him, and he strictly follows Halfling traditions, His achievements would unbalance the stability of any Halfling clan and bring his Halflingipen into question.

His features are unremarkable save for a few small scars and overlong Chestnut hair. He could pass for a scruffy human child except for the grey battle scorched wide brimmed hat and walking stick. Even dressed in his Elven styled High wizard finery he has a tendency to look a bit like an overdressed brat child of a courtesan. He even tried Fey Glamors to enhance his presence to keep from being run over, or kicked aside, by over anxious servers as they rushed about.

In the tower at his studies he struggles to make order out of a chaotic life; Rid himself of this Elven mantel; and make a welcoming Halfling home, a place that he belongs; and above (or below) All else trying to guard and be rid of the Eye which threatens the order of all good things.

Halfling Laws and customs

p. A Halfling apprentice/indentured servant to Master Gaelen as a resourceful gatherer of ingredients; general gopher; stirrer & washer of alchemical flotsam and minor deflector of pesky visitors so his master can study.
-p. “This INDENTURE Witnesseth that Zarunal Turner an Apprentice Laborer doth Voluntarily put himself Servant to Gaelen the Alchemist of the city of Akandra, capital of the colony of New Delos, to serve the said Gaelen the Alchemist and his Assigns, for and during the full Space, Time and Term of five Years and for one year and a day as a traveling apprentice from the first Day of the said Turners’ arrival in Akandra, during which Time or Term the said Master or his Assigns shall and will find and supply the said Turner with sufficient Meat, Drink, Apparel, Lodging and all other necessaries befitting such a Servant, and at the end and expiration of said Term, the said Turner to be made Free, and receive according to the Custom of the Country. Provided nevertheless, and these Presents are on this Condition, that if the said Turner shall pay the said Gaelen or his Assigns 2600 Gold Coin in Three Hundred and sixty six Days after his Apprentice journey he shall be Free, and the above Indenture and every Clause therein, absolutely Void and of no Effect. In Witness whereof the said Parties have hereunto interchangeably put their Hands and Seals September 7, Year 1896 by the Dwarven Calender in the Presence of the Right Worshipful Steward of Akandra. (signatures)"_

-p. Zarunal has acquired small cart which he has lovingly painted and outfitted as his personal living quarters and sanctuary. It has paid for itself in reduced Inn fees. The Inns were paid for but the coins which he was allotted went into his savings. To say he is eager to pay off his indenture and become a wizard in his own right is like saying a liche was eager to live longer. Liches, sometimes the "Great Mysteries" he discovered in his masters theory and history libraries were better left unknown. Such dark arts truly made his skin crawl.

-p. The local cart-wright, a cousin, was prone to too much drink and on the occasions when he was too impaired to make a delivery Ru, while not greatly skilled with animals, took the opportunities to learn some animal handling.He found it a most useful skill when running errands outside the towers grounds. That and the wizard mark of his master on his forehead made doing trade and traveling locally much less hazardous? His master did have some legend behind him and was known to be vindictive if crossed. How far that lore would protect Ru in a more distant land was questionable but being marked as the property of a wizard should be cause to pause before acting with haste.

-p. The pony had set him back a bit. He had convinced (his master) to purchase the pony to aid in delivering a shipment of enchanted ale meant for one of the local nobles celebrating a wedding or some such event. the cart wright had been missing and the brew was going to be late. Perhaps this would be a good time to petition His Great Windiness Grand wizard of blah blah blah to make his apprentices journey. One year and a day in which to find his fortune and return to pay off his indenture and be granted full wizard status. If he was able to accumulate enough gold, knowledge and rare alchemical ingredients to sell to the master to repay his training, the pony, his supplies, and the use of the wizards mark upon his forehead. Failure to make enough would grant his master the goods at 1/2 the market value and indenture him for another year

The Diary of Zarunal Turner


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