Liath Adhmad

Ranger - Arcane Archer


Elf from Undra, coming from a long line of Arcane Archers, Charged with defending the Sacred temple of their people. All members of his clan are devout to learning and honing their skills to better protect his people and the sacred temple of Balahore. His peoples focuses are deep into the mysticism and being one with nature.

Setting out on his path of development, is venturing into The Known World to hone his skills and learn how the world works to better understand potential threats to the Temple and his People. His goals are to learn more about the world and the natural environment of the areas that surround Undra.

Although he does not seem to be the secretive type of his people, very few who know him outside of his home, hear much about his people and their practices. This is where you will notice the secretive nature of his people the most in Liath. Otherwise you would not really know he is from Undra as he travels into the world of Gaeda.

Because of his belief that to truly know what is out there you must venture not only into the areas you wish to learn but to become one with them. He endeavors behaves much like the people surrounding him up to the point that his core belief will allow him.

He is still very elvish in many of the things he does and likes. You will find him to be disgusted when someone defiles & mistreats nature and its beauty. He also shows the respect to nature when he takes from it for his own needs. Liath is very conservative in what he uses and takes. Only requiring what he believes he will need to survive and for supplies.

Liath Adhmad

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