Arlamer Aia'ruli

3rd child of King and Queen of Alfaen out to see the world, possibly find her husband and show that she can be an assett to him.


Name Alastronia Ruliquenya Lanna’atria’are (Alias) called Ala by her friends
True Name – Arlamer Zalannayth Aia’ruli Iolar-Hoil Mah’Shonnah-Aergid Mah’OgDarah Mah’Faybar-Ham O’Tuaysheartah-Mohr
Level 12 Hits 73 HD d8
Character Pam Class: Bard (dervish Dancer Art type)
Race Elf disquise black hair blue eyes ruddy skin.
True looks Blonde hair blue eyes fair skin
Age 125 deity
occupation Lady in waiting align NG
Languages Elven, Common, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal

total mod base
str 12 1 12
dex 17 3 16
con 10 0 10
int 13 1 13
wis 10 0 10
cha 13 3 16
AC 22 (Bracers of Armor +7, Ring of Protection +2)
Touch 15
Flat foot 19

Saving Throws
Fort 4
Ref 11
Will 8

Melee 10 (9+1)
Ranged 12 (9+3)
CMD 10 (9+1

class skill stat total ranks ability trained
x acrobatics dex 3 3
x appraise int 1 1
x bluff cha 3 3
x climb str 5 4 1
x cr: cotoure int 2 1 1
x cr: weapon int 2 1 1
x diplomacy cha 10 7 3
disable device dex 10 5 3 2
x disguise cha 7 4 3
x escape artist dex 7 4 3
fly dex 3 3
handle animal cha 3 3
heal wis 3 3 0
x intimidate cha 8 5 3
x kn: Geography int 8 1 1 6
x kn: Nobility int 9 2 1 6
x kn: Arcana int 8 1 1 6
x kn: History int 8 1 1 6
x kn: Planes int 8 1 1 6
x kn: Engineering int 8 1 1 6
x linguistics int 3 2 1
x perception wis 9 7 0 2
x perform: dance cha 22 11 3 2
x prof: Lady In waiting wis 1 1 0
ride dex 7 4 3
x sense motive wis 5 5 0
x sleight of hand dex 6 3 3
x spellcraft int 6 5 1
x stealth dex 5 2 3
survival wis 0 0
swim str 5 4 1
x use magic device cha 3 3
leadership 1 1

low light vision
Elven Immunities
Elvin magic (2 on caster level to overcome spell resistances)
Bardic Knowledge (n checks untrained add 1/2 level to all Kn checks
Bardic performance (28 rounds worth)
Inspire courage (
3 to will saves vs enchant, attack, damage
Inspire greatness ( gain 2d8 temp hp, 2 attack +1 fort)
Rain of blows (full attack gain 1 extra attack w/any weapons held also +2 attack, +2 dodge AC
Razor’s Kiss (improve weapon range crit
Weapon Finess ( it with dex i/o str for certain weapons)
Dervish Dance (use dex I/O strength for damage with certain weapons
TWF reduced penalty
Improved TWF (gain additional of hand attack
Weapon Focus scimitar (
1/hit w/chosen weapon
Skill Focus perform dance (+3 on one skill, +6 at 10 ranks)
Lore Mastery 2/day
Fleet, when dancing +20 base speed
Two Weapon Rend does 1d10 + 1 1/2 str damage
Dance of Fury may combine a full attack action with a single move taking dance attacks at any point during movement but must move at least 5 ft between attacks.

Paired Scimitars 2 (2 to hit/damage)
Dagger (+1 t hit)
Light crossbow with 20 bolts

Other items
Dancing boots +2
travelling clothes
Courtly outfit
Performance outft
Personal correspondance kit
Theives tools +2 disable checks
Sewing kit
Whet stone
Thorougbred horse
several pieces of famiy jewelry
small silver mirror
2 henchmen/retainers with hroses and equipment

Oth spells
Ghost Sounds
Haunted Fey aspect
Read Magic

Feather Step
Movement Of greatness
Flame tongue
Expeditious retreat
Comprehend languages

2nd level
Cat’s grace
Silk to steel
Versatile weapon
Mirror Image

Cure serious wounds
Jester’s jaunt

4th level
Virtuoso performance
Dance of a hundred cuts
Shocking image
Greater Invisibility


True name – Arlamer Zalannayth Aia’ruli Iolar-Hoil Mah’Shonnah-Aergid Mah’OgDarah Mah’Faybar-Ham O’Tuaysheartah-Mohr means golden fair flower, royal daughter fae, mate of noble iolor ie. The royal fae daughter with fair golden hair married to noble
Calling self alastriona ruliqueaia lannaatria’arel means defender of mankind, noble forgotten/lost mate, daughter dancesword ie. Sword dancing daughter and defender of mankind who has lost her noble mate.

During my childhood I was allowed to wonder near the castle area. I always had ‘friends’ with me. Later I would realize that these ‘friends’ were my protectors and my guards. As a child I was expected to learn the courtly arts –singing, dancing, poetry, heraldry, history, sewing, and how to run a household with servants. Also I was taught how to fight should my life be threatened and how to ride. I think in some ways I was a disappointment to my parents. I was very shy, couldn’t sing and couldn’t remember poetry when I was before a group. My parents would announce that I was going to sing and I’d croak – usually off key. They would day I was going to recite poetry and I would forget the poem. Dancing was never a problem but due to my shyness I was typically not often asked. except by those trying to make an impression with my parents.

I enjoyed learning and could always remember what I had learned as long as I didn’t stand in front of others and have to recite it. I was still shy one on one but not nearly as much so once I got to know a person. I learned how to run the castle I lived in without difficulty. I felt at one with my horse when I rode him. Although I was taught how to use a bow and a sword I was not allowed to get anywhere as proficient as my brother. When I asked my parents about it they told me that I would not need those skills unless my home was over run and even then there would be others whose job it was to protect me.

As a child I was in many ways spoiled but that was soon to change. One day after I had skipped out on my responsibilities yet again, my parents sat me down and told me I was to be married! Married to a male I had never met! I would not even get to meet him or get to know him until after the wedding! I was devastated. Like all young people I had dreams of falling in love and marring the ‘love of my life’. I tried to talk to my parents but they would hear nothing of my pleas.

Pat of my dowry was lands that my parents owned and I was told that after I was married I would live in the ‘cottage’ on those lands – at least for a while. My brother wasn’t too happy about losing some of the lands but he dealt with it. Mother and I made the cottage nice for after I was married. Which kept me from fretting over the upcoming marriage.

I have often wondered what my husband thought when we married. I was so nervous over having to speak in front of strangers I barely whispered the vows. After it was over we went to the cottage. Mom had prepared me for my wedding night but nothing went as she told me. My husband had celebrated and imbibed in drink. Upon arriving at the cottage he looked around and lay down on the bed. He promptly fell asleep. To be honest I was glad as he was a stranger to me. To be honest he still is in many ways.

I slept in another room. The next morning when I awoke, he was gone. Later I found out that he had left to ‘make a name for himself’. I never told my parents what happened that night. I stayed and tried to do what was expected but all I really wanted to do was leave – maybe find my husband and ask him why he left so suddenly – maybe not.

One day I went out riding carrying what everyone thought was a picnic basket but inside were clothes, travel food etc. I left home to find my own adventures. I planned to change my looks so that I would not be recognized. I knew I would have to watch it or my parents would find me and bring me home. I just prayed that they wouldn’t find me easily.

In truth I left long before my husband who was still within the kingdom doing those things he was supposed to do only I didn’t know that and of course I was rather spoiled. I thought the world should revolve around me as it always had with my parents.

After I left my parents told people I had been sent away to the monestary to continue my education.

My first stop was the Kingdom of Aquilionia In a small village I died my hair and changed my looks. From there I travelled on a caravan heading toward the city of Aquilon. The work was fairly easy but I found it harder than what I had done before mainly because I didn’t have much experience. Not having many skills for adventuring, I found myself barely eking a living. I had changed my name Alastriona hoping that if anyone was out looking for me they would not be able to find me as easily. During this time I learned skills having to do with sleight of hand. I found theses skills useful at a later time but at the time it was just something to do on nights under the stars when on the caravan.

From Aquilon I traveled toward the mountains toward the city of Zarach. I had a message to give to Lord Vincenzo. Someone really did not want me to take it to him. The small group I was with was attacked repeatedly. On one of the attackers I found a ring with a strange symbol on it. I found out that it belonged to an evil sect. My group and I found a temple to this sect and destroyed it. Now I have another enemy. Another group trying to find me and well I’m not sure what they would do to me. I really don’t want to find out. Time to leave this area.

Next stop Phar Shekem. While there I became fascinated by a dancing form of fighting. Since I had left home I had learned how to be less shy. After all if I was shy I wouldn’t have been able to get any jobs. I had always been good at dancing and this form of entertainment and combat interested me. I was able to convince Farid Baki to take me on as a student. After many many months of training with my ‘master’ I had learned all he could teach me. It was time for me to leave and start my adventuring again. This was the longest period of time I have ever spent in one area since I ran away.

During the time with my ‘master’ I had heard about the desert. I’d never been in the desert and was curious about it. I’d heard lots of rumors about things in the desert so that is where I decided to go. I joined a group of 4 others. While in the desert we fought giant scorpions, they were in a crypt. Also in the crypt were skeletons. Our group almost died in that fight but it was well worth it for all of us found something useful. This was where I found my bracers which I wear now.

We had had enough of the hot desert so we headed back to civilization once we were healed from our battles. I hired on with a sorcerer who needed protection while doing his magic. His name was Ilkan Kadar. During my tie with him I was able to learn the languages of infernal/abyssal (could remember which one was demon) After a while I noted that he was doing unspeakable things. He became upset with me when I released a minor demon and killed it banishing it back to its plane for many years. The battle was fierce and I suffered great injury. It took months to recover. Those of my former group were gone except my henchmen and I knew that Ilkan Kadar was very angry with me. It was time to leave this area.

Together we decided it was time to go to the colonial lands. We landed in Delab where for the next year or so I danced for a living taking on small jobs from time to time. During this time I started to hear rumors of an elf by the name of Iolar and his group. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was my husband from years ago. I really wasn’t ready to find him and in some ways I hoped he was not the same person. I know my adventuring had changed ma a lot. I also notice I was being to have a reputation and it was time for me to start moving. Now my reputation was coming more from description of “the elf dancer with two swords” I knew it was only a matter of time before my parents connected me with my new reputation. Also I had a cult and a sorcerer who would be out for my skin.

Spring of year
I have traveled toward this adventuring group I keep hearing about. A town or two more and I will know. If it is him will he recognize me? What will he be like? Will I tell him if he doesn’t recognize me? Do I dare? What if he sends me back home?

I have arrived at the storm reaches. I have stopped Near Tor Nae after traveling pass the lake of Woe and the ruins of Tor Embrock. Elven are moving back to this area slowly. This is a dark town which is ruled by Lord Anthec. Lord Anthec was involved with war in the south. He has been a successful general. I dance for him and share his table. He likes my dancing; he asks me if I have any family up this way. I tell him I don’t, which in truth I am not sure yet that I do. He asks me to spy on them. I tell him I will let him know what I see. However to be honest I don’t know that I can trust him and if the king is indeed my husband I will warn him about this member of his council.

Session 51
Next day I arrive in the capital Tor Indradeth. I tried to see the King but couldn’t see him so I walked around the town and wandered into the training area. There I met Avron and did some sparing with him. He is really really good and fast. I understand he is the captain of the Guard and a good friend of Iolar. By the end of the spar Iolar was out and watching it. Yes It is him, my husband. He has changed some but I easily recognize him. Luckily while we talk I can tell he doesn’t recognize me. I tell him that Lord Anthec wants me to spy on him. He asks why I would tell him and I tell him I have my reasons. When the time is right I will tell him. After that we go our separate ways.

I meet Zarrel, a cute little Halfling that has the job of Court Magician. A very rare post for a Halfling living in an elven kingdom. We become friends and he names me as his assistant Magistar.

Soon after that the king and his group get ready to head out again. Zarrel asks me to come along. This will give me a chance to get to know this husband of mine. I will also be able to get to know his friends. I just hope I don’t have any problems with my disguise while we are adventuring. Could be awkward.

Arlamer Aia'ruli

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