Lord Birgen

Overfed, overdressed, and huffy, Lord Birgen somewhat clueless about life in the colonies.


He has purchased a land grant from the Steward of Lyssandria, negotiated by Lord Enfield of Adricsdorf.

Let It Be Known

That Lord Tiberius Birgen of Trietto, having made remuneration to the Treasury of Lyssandria in the amount of Seventy Thousand Gold Imperials, and having presented before the Diet of Lyssandria his Patent of Nobility, duly ordained by the Court of His Imperial Majesty of Aquilonia, and having been duly Vouchsafed in matters of Honor and Character by Lord Hector Enfield of Adricsdorf, is herby granted title of Knight of Lyssandria, with all of the rights and priviledges pertaining thereto, and including in such title grant of Lordship over the following lands:

Being all lands bounded on the North by the River Kohnnash, and being bounded on the South and East by that tributary of the Kohnnash currently known as Smoky Creek, and extending into the West for a distance of at least fifteen miles along the shores of each.

In holding of such lands, Lord Birgen is granted right of Eminent Domain, and right of Taxation upon Lands, Commerce, and Inhabitants therein. In addition, the Estate thusly created is recognized as Vassal to the Diet of Lyssandria and falls within the Suzerainty of the Steward of Lyssandria, and is to surrender yearly Tribute to the coffers of the treasury of Lyssandria as levied by the Diet and the Steward.

This Grant and Title is Duly Ordained this Thursday, 25th of July in the year Nineteen Hudred and One, by order of His Eminence Theobald Runcible, High Steward and Lord Protector of Lyssandria by the Grace of His Majesty, Imperator Adastrica.

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Lord Birgen

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