Karnack of Jorontown

Karnack comes from the town of joruntown which is the home of the Jorun Mercenary Company. Recently the wander bug bit him, and he set out to find his fortune


Str 14, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 9 HP AC 54, Touch 1, Flat 20 CMB+8, CMD 21, 23 vs trip and grapple
FEATS: Improved Shield Bash, 2 wpn combo, Wpn Focus&Spec. (heavy spiked Shield), Endurance, Combat reflex, Shield Slam, Master Craftsman for armour, Weapon Training in Close weapons +1 hit and damage for shield and dagger, ect

SAVES: Fort 6, Reflex +5, Will +3(4 vs fear)
SKILLS Climb 6(1), Perception 2, Ride +10(4), Survival 6, Swim +6 (0), Craft Weapon 10, Armour 12, Knowledge(Dungeon) 5, Stealth 7(+1), Linguistics 2, Handle Animal 3
Languages: Sylvan and Common, Evlen
Spiked Heavy wooden shield +1 of bashing, Masterwork Banded Mail, Handaxe, sling & 20 bullets, 4 daggers, Mithral +1 Dagger, Masterwork Scimitar
Backpack, bedroll, winter blanket, flint & steel, 3 oil flasks, steel mirror, 50’ silk rope, 3 pitons, trail rations (5days), soap, 2 waterskins, whetstone, chalk 4pcs, candlex3,
All of this gear totals to 39 pounds in his pack and 52 in armor which makes for a medium load, or if he drops his pack a light load.


Karnack grew up in the mercenary freehold of Joruntown, the home of the heavy infantry company known as Jorun’s Smashers. His mother is a scout attached to the company and his father is a sargent in the infantry. While everyone expected him to grow up and join the company, he has recently realized that he wants to travel and explore more of the world, rather than go straight into the company. He recently set out to see more of the world. He is fairly well equiped as he could get most of his gear quite cheaply from the company. He has been hiring out is sword as a guard while travelling.

After adventuring a while with the party they return to town where a battered and grizzeled survivor from the company shows up and tells him that the town and company was totally destroyed by a combined attack of Kazi from the land and a ship based attack from the sea in the middle of the night. Karnack has his suspisions that this is in retaliation for the parties efforts to halt the impending war between Lyssandria and Profares. In the process they embarresed the leader of the Profares army. At the time a large force of Kazi had been imported to act as shock troops for Profares. Karnack is now leaving the party to find out what really happened, and hopefully to get some revenge for the loss of most of his family, especially his parents.

After spending a few months tracking down the people who destroyed his home he managed to catch the pirates that brought the commando team. The pirates were destroyed and he personally slew the captain and claimed his scimitar as a trophy. He also discovered that the commando team was three people. One was his 1/2 brother Eric, the second he caught and after getting some info from killed. The third was named Bibi, who he later discoverd to be Victor. The same Victor who recently was hired by Zarunel to help the party while he took care of some business. Karnack has no idea where Victor/Bibi is, but there is a clue that Eric went to the north somewhere. After learning all of this he headed back to Lyssas Port. There he founded Savron lying in the road in front of the temple near death and several people who looked like thugs entering the temple. He charged them and while near mortally wounded did delay the leader long enough for the rest of the party to come back and find them.

Karnack of Jorontown

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