Paths of Gaeda

Session 51

New Girl In Town

A mysterious Elven wanderer named Ala arrives at Tor Indradath and manages to insert herself into the courtly intrigues of Iolar and his crew. Iolar spurns lady Kendra’s advances, there is some political back and forth regarding Lord Anthec, and the Party finally sets out into the mountains to find the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

One the way they encounter a group of Kashwa barbarians who seem to be led a Storm Elf who has “gone native” after attacking the party and being driven off, he warns them not to disturb the Tomb of Kings – a Storm Elf burial site just to the north. The party finds the tomb, and notes that it’s locks and wards are secure. They decide to leave the tomb undisturbed and press on.

Meanwhile, Liath has had encounters with Lahn, the spirit of the river that flows down from the mountains. While sitting by the banks of the stream one night, she appears to him and coaxes him into a nearby ravine where there are several trees. Giving Liath a Kiss, she transforms him into a tree!



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