Paths of Gaeda

Session 48

Have Fun Storming the Castle

A very direct session. The party gathers together as many men and elves as they can and attempts a large-scale frontal assault on Tor Indradath. The battle is tense at first, but the party’s superior magic and their individual fighting power counterbalances the superior numbers of the orcs and giants. Highlights of the battle include:

Liath kills Ingo’s consort and his cousin, although he is almost squashed flat by the giantess.

Iolar rides into combat with Ingo’s brother, and with the help of Dagnorosa overcomes the brute, although he, too, is very near death at the end.

Andros eventually kills Ingo, after ordering his unit of heavy cavalry to charge in first. Ingo wipes out the cavalry with the help of some goblins wolfriders, although some are eventually saved from death by timely application of healing.

Avron successfully leads the infantry against units of both orcs and trolls, helping his units to rout the enemy once contact is made.

Zarunal’s magic takes a mostly supporting role, shaping the battlefield with a wall of ice and lending aid to the others. He does drop one juicy fireball that nearly wipes out a unit of orcs late in the battle.

In the end, Ingo’s forces are routed, and many of the expeditionary force’s casualties are revived with healing magic. The heroes have done the brunt of the fighting, although there is grumbling among the mercenaries about the way that Andros led his cavalry troop to slaughter and did not charge in with his men at first.

Tor Indradath is now in the hands of the Party’s expedition, and arrangements are immediately made to move the expedition’s headquarters to the citadel.



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