Paths of Gaeda

Session 16

The story within the chest

December 12th, 1901.

Ray, Ron, Terry & momma all got their stuff together and made up in the cottage. The party Camps outside in the cold (Savren is in the tent with Sarah) and an uneventful night passes.

December 13th, 1901.

In the very cold morning, the sun comes up and food smells emerge from the cottage. As the party approuches there is a great deal of activity in the cottage. They are invited in and space is made for them at breakfast. we need to take a good look at the stuff we’ve procured. raymond digs out the items in question. In fact he’s sitting on the chest at breakfast. He’s wearing some bits of old leather armor which Karnak offers to fix for him. Ray accepts karnacks offer Raymond in a very serious mood bit of a scowl. Somewhat worried. Ramond will be going with the party – he will represent Cyrus’ interest and make good on his own debts. – this is an opportunity to turn himself around.

Ray: “it’s time that I made my way on my own two feet.” Ray begins his story: Mother stewart settles down with her tea and ray tells the story… “i’m not much of a storyteller, and I’m really not much of a talker when Im sober this was a story that was passed down to us from… we’ll im really not sure where some adventureer who was exploring to the west and didnt quite make it back to his home they left their stuff at our Inn and they never came back to claim it. Us being kids, we were all very interested in it. There seemed to be two groups that traveled several years ago headed west the Wains and the Harpers. The Wains were interested in surveying the established trade routes of the Kashwa to the North and West. the Harpers traveled with them, they were more interested in discovering if there were any metals or mineable materials in the west. They traveled together the group consisting of 2 or 3 sons of the nobles families of Wain and Harper, and a retinue of support people the two groups of about 11 or so folks headed west and met up with some kashwa who acted as guides for them. The territory was still pretty saveage then, and the greenskins were very active… ray is referencing a rough map with some scrawled notes on them hes piecing the story together as best he can… the gist is they headed west snuck around and skirted the area where the orcs were active (maybe goblins?)

The interesting bit of the story is that as they approached the hills, the Harpers split up to explore the hills while the Wains went south of the hills to meet the kashwa. On their return trip they found that the Harpers had gotten into some kind of trouble with something the Kashwa called the “Angry spirits of th ancestors” . The surviving members spoke of seeing a golden tower in a valley among the hills they marked the way to find it on the map as a valley below three leaning rocks.

“There in the twisted valley there are many small caves holding ancient stores of weapons and containers of treasure. It is from one of these that we retrieved several sw#### # ##### #### ink stain #### #### ##nes. We spotted the bl#### #### ##### ## ink ##te and were overcome by a storm of wolves.” – J. Harper

The Wains decided that firther exploration would have to wait the Harpers agreed, investing in the hills were not in their original plans. they had taken a beating in their encounters and chose to go back east rather than following the suspect story of the Harpers.

So raymond has a map to show us I’m looking over the map it shows a few features. features scrawled on the map: wooded lands to the south, Kashwa trade path, leaning rocks, a place labeled “ancestor spirits” something marked as a burial mound or mounds and another, marked as a “tin Mine”, and a space showing the path of greeenskin “armies” .

All of these maps and notes are part of an old logbook or notebook and a handful of artefacts that belonged to this group. Among this stuff is a nice sword – maybe masterwork, Raymond is weariing it .

On a closer examination of the logs, Iolar finds a few interesting notes:
  • of the Harpers, of the survivors, many came down with some disease and perished.
  • Their stories were not generally believed. and perhaps they were mad.
  • Lord wain (in the notes) seems to believe and some of the information that they got from the kashwa in the area seem to coincide with the ramblings of the surviving Harpers.
  • The Harpers never relented on the story – it seems that Lord Harper or the Son of Lord Harper were the ones who were promulgating this story of the golden keep, the notes are in both hands.
  • the notes say is that from the leaning rocks, a gold tower could be seen poking up from the greenery in the valley – a heavily wooded area there are hints that the tower was part of a larger settlement mention of stairways and waterfalls?
  • The burial mounds marked on the map – once you cross-reference the notes – those are the burial sites of the Harpers that survived the “attack” but did not make it home.
  • there is some reference to some interviews with the kashwa but they are too sketchy to draw conclusions from. the kashwa seem to have more information about the area and their shaman told stories about the area which the Harpers paid more attention to than the Wains
  • The logs are dated to about 1883 or 10 or 15 years ago
  • Greenskin problems are a recurrent problem in this part of the world or so it seems.

details about the old sword: its of a very old make. prior to the fall of adastrica, a detect magic reveals it’s magical! a +1 sword. probably worth about 2000 GP . Iolar tells Ray that he should be thinking more about what it can do to protect his hide rather than pad his wallet. For now. If he’s coming with us. Ray: absolutely – he agrees heartily. Ray says the sword is on loan – it officially belongs to the little boy – Mother Stewarts’ grandson.

there was a dress, and the little girl hold it up and says its going to be her wedding dress and there’s a glint of something magic in it – there’s some kind of pendent or something which is magical and attached to the dress , The dress was apparently commissioned by one of the Wains, a former lover of Mother Stewart, but she never got a chance to wear it. The pendant – has a geometric symbol on it and appears to have some form of Very weak enchantment charm. Probably a single use item.

The place where we’re going is more or less due west and head for the hills, then find our way into the mountains. There is a road that heads in that direction that goes back to Hearnsward, which gets us close to the hills, then we look for the right mountain The workable landmarks are the mounds, the tin mine, and the kashwa trade path and three leaning rocks. Ray is coming with his ratty armor and old (but magical) sword . They have two mules that will come with us and some supplies for the road. Victor takes meticulous stock of the supplies ray is putting together. there may be snow on the way.

In recent trading with the Kashwa, there seemed to be some interest in Luxury items blankets, tapestries, etc the notes do not make reference to which Kashwa tribe they dealt with

The 4 day trip to Hearnsward is without incident. No Snow yet.

December 17th, 1901.

look up Otto Goodbarley in Hearnsward and Check on progress of trade with Kashwa Trade is proceeding apace. Goods have been sent o Lyssandria. Otto is taking his cut. He’s happy!

As we’re taking supper in Goodbarley’s in, there’s a small group of kashwa warriors, They are from the bear tribe They want to know if we have any elven goods that they can buy specifically if Iolar or Liath have anything they can buy . You make an agreement that they will take you west along the trade trail to the eagle clan for a bottle of elven wine (10 GP)?

Sarah left in Hearnsward (until we can have a conversation with Alex and maybe retcon her)

The three bear clan warriors lead us west towards the hills along what they assure is an ancient Kashwa trade route. The terrain becomes more rugged, although still forested. about 4 days out to the eagle tribe encampment.

December 21st, 1901.

On the morning before their arrival the party surprises a group of Red Fang tribe Orcs and an unfortunate ogre setting a trap on the trade path. While Liath, Victor and 2 of the Kashwa warriors sneak up on and dipatch the Orcs, an Ogre hearing the battle charges down the hill toward Iolar, Karnack, Raymond, and the mules. Iolar turns invisible and is bruised but unwounded after he trips the 600 pound Ogre as it barrels down the hill. This allows Karnack and even Raymond to attack it as it tumbles down the hill. In shame, fear and in pain the Ogre flees. Victor shows up and crits the ogre from medium range with his short bow, killing him. Raymond is ecstatic that he didnt get killed by an ogre. The party hides the bodies and continue on to the camp of the local Eagle tribe.

It is snowing lightly

XP! 800 for the ogre, 135 each for the 6 orcs XP from the previous session for helping the Stewart family: 800 2410 total, 482 each



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