Storm Elves

Another breakaway kingdom from the Alfaen islands, they originally settled among the crags of the Storm Reaches. Once a powerful alliance existed between the Storm Elves and the White Dragons in region. They suffered a falling out and were both conquered by their enemies the Frost Giants. Their kingdom is destroyed, but one still encounters roving bands of Storm Elves in the north. Some of them now live among the Kashwa in the colder or more mountainous regions. Cultural Touchstone: Lost Empire, Melnibone

Lord Anthec, the Lord Martial of Prophares is a Storm elf, as is the wanderer Indrid Cold.

Evidence of a Storm elf meeting hall was found in the Kashwa Valley of the Ancestors. One of the elves living there may have been a Storm Elf.

The mad witch that the party encountered on the Fey Path from the Heathlands was thought to be a Storm Elf.

The party has obtained a treasure map that supposedly leads to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, a legendary stronghold and vault of the Storm Elves.

In August 1902, the party led a raid and later a frontal attack on Tor Indradath, retaking it from the Frost Giants. Since then they have founded a new Storm Reach Kingdom with Iolar as the new King.

The Storm Elves primarily worship the Elven Goddess Ge’an, whom they call Stormbringer or Lady of Winter.

Other areas of interest that were once part of the Storm Elf Kingdom:

The Lake of Woe
Tor Embric
Tor Naether
Tor Indradath
Tor Alric
Tor Eladra
The Castle at Chatapiet
The White Citadel of Lady Athryn in the Ramoth Heathlands

Storm Elves

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