Seabayhil is the capital and birthplace of the Alfaen Empire; the Empire reckons its count of years starting with the founding of the capital 3509 years ago. A great, sprawling city on the coast, it consistently ranks amongst the most cultured and modern of Gaedan cities, but has never ranked as the largest since the founding of the dwarven cities.

Characteristic of traditional Alfaen cities yet anathema to the dwarves and mysteriously inefficient to the Aquilonians, Seabayhil consists of widely-spaced carved stone towers interspersed with ancient trees almost as tall. The effect from ground level is that of an ancient forest growing amongst immense menhirs. Despite the age and timeless feeling of the city, the elves slowly but continuously repair and rebuild, courtesy of the ravages of time and war.

Seabayhil boasts one of the finest deep harbors in Gaeda, although the defensive wall across the entrance to the harbor was largely destroyed in the last dwarven war. Still in the process of being repaired, the entrance to this busy port is treacherous and requires special skill.

The hills outside of Seabayhill are home to several ancient vinyards. Their product is not to the taste of all, but for those who have a taste for sour-sweet elven wines, there are few better.

  • “Seabayhil” translates roughly to “First home” in common; it has nothing to do with its proximity to the sea, its protected bay or the surrounding hills
  • While Seabayhil is the capital and the seat of governance, the Alfaen Imperial palace is some distance further inland, at Morsathar


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