Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a naive young girl who grew up in a small farm community to the south and west of Guildport, near the hills which form the border between Lyssandria and Prophares, a settlement so small it had no name. Her father was local farmer. She is seventeen years old.

When the party passed through the village on their way south into Prophares, she took a shine to Savren and was sking questions about him and his homeland before her father took her away. Later that night, a doppleganger which had infiltrated the party took on Savren’s likeness and seduced her. This led to an altercation between the local farmers and the party the following day. The party, however, did not see her again for a couple of weeks.

She was found being held prisoner buy the Bloody Hand Gang in the hidden cave temple near Blackwall Station. After her encounter with the doppleganger, Sarah Jane decided that she was madly in love with Savren, and so ran away from home to find him. She was captured by the bandits while traveling with a caravan on the south road into Prophares.

Her attentions have left Savren in an awkward position, but he has not yet revealed to her that it was not he who spent the night with her all that time ago, and for a long time he accepted her affection rather than open a can of worms by trying to explain what really happened. Sarah Jane has recently revealed that she is pregnant, making the situation even more uncomfortable for Savren. He has (reluctantly) begun to suspect that she may have a part to play in the Prophecy that he discovered in the temple where she was found.

On New year’s eve, 1901, Sarah attempted to stage a surprise wedding for Savren, which ended in disaster. Now aware of the truth, she still maintains connections to the party and has traveled with them to Lyssa’s Port.

Sarah Jane

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