Ramoth Heathlands

The Ramoth Heathlands are west of New Delos, and are ruled by Lady Athryn of House Ramoth. The Heathlands have a contentious relationship with the neighboring states.

Iolar has heard rumors of a haunted forest near the capitol which he thinks may hide the old Fey Path between the Colonial Lands and Alfaen.

The ruling seat of the Heathlands is the White Citadel in Western Ramoth, where Lady Athryn dwells.

There is a story circulating about a border dispute between the Heathlands and a northern town of Lyssandria that happened some years back – something to do with stolen cattle. The dispute resulted in the Lyssandrian town being razed to the ground and its inhabitants disappearing.

This land, ever after known as the Blasted Heath was later gifted to Iolar.

There are curious rumors about the country, including the notion that they drug their animals toward some unknown end, and the fact that they do not use or keep dogs.

Ramoth Heathlands

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