The Prophares Protectorate lies to the south of Lyssandria and encompasses most of the Rathe River valley. The capitol is Munkport, where the Rathe flows into Delos Bay.

The protectorate is ruled by Lord Loric Prophares, who’s line is directly descended from the original Adastrican nobility. Lord Prophares is haughty and prideful, and is involved in a disagreement over the location of his northern border with Lyssandria. He has made it known that House Prophares has negotiated extensive trade and military agreements with the Aquilonian Empire.

Blackwall Station is a disputed town on the border between Lyssandria and Prophares. It is currently held by Prophares.


Frogton is a coastal town near the Northern border, next tot he Sucking Marsh

Exenor is a large inland town on the north road between Munkport and Blackwall Station. It sits on the shore of a large lake and is ruled by a Wizard known as Lord Alban.


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