New Delos

New Delos is one of the largest states in the Colonial Lands. It claims most of the lands drained by the River Lahn, and it’s capitol is the port of Akandra where the river meets Delos Bay.

New Delos is named after Delos, one of the most powerful states of the old Adastrican Empire, which is now one of the shattered Island Kingdoms. New Delos has a large trading fleet that plys the Adastrican Ocean and a sizable military. It is governed by the Regency Steward who rules as a King in place of the (now lost) Adastrican Emperor.

Part of the Kingdom’s success is due to the very close ties that it developed with the Aquilonian Empire after the fall of Adastrica. New Delos is an active supporter of Aquilonian designs for hegemony in the colonies. The Regency Steward has put considerable pressure on the free state of Lyssandria to acquiesce to Aquilonian demands for alliance.

Zarunal is originally from the outlying area north of Akandra, which is where is master Galen has his Tower.

Significant Population Centers in New Delos:





Gandor’s Hill

Fang Rock

New Delos

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