Kingdom Establishment

The new Storm Reach Kingdom was established in September of 1902, but did not attract enough elves to begin repopulating the region until January of 1903.

Starting Population: 1250
7 hexes
1 City: Tor Indradath
1 Forest Camp at Tor Eladra
4 River hexes (Indradath to Embric)
4 Road Hexes (Indradath to Embric)
2 Forest Hexes (around Eladra)
At Indradath:
—1 Caster’s Tower
—1 Keep (with an anti-scrying room)
—1 Town Hall

Current Ruling Council:
Ruler: Iolar (focused on Loyalty)
General: Indrid Cold
Magister: Zarunal
Marshal: Avron
Warden: Liath
High Priestess: Kendra El-Eladra

Unrest at 0
Ongoing Events: Bandit Activity (raids by orcs, ogres, and the occasional giant)

Taxation Set at Light
Promotions set at None
Festivals: 1 (commemorating the battle of Tor Indradath and Iolar’s Coronation)

Treasurey: 65 BP
Unrest: 0

Kingdom Turn 1

Kingdom Establishment

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