Joruntown was a free city south of the Prophares Protectorate. It was the home base of the Jorun Mercenary Company and was originally established as a military camp during a conflict between Gizal Khem and a horde of marauding orcs.

Gizal Khem still paid a modest tithe to the Jorun Mercenaries to protect it’s northern borders, and the Jorun Company also supplied troops for a minor series of conflicts in the Island Kingdoms. The last anyone heard, the company members were divided on the question of whether to pull up stakes and return to the Old World, where they could have gotten employment from Aquilonia against the Cozahrs.

Joruntown was the home town of Karnack of Jorontown.

Sometime in late November or Early December of 1901, Joruntown was attacked by a large band of Cozahrs from the land and from the sea by an unknown enemy. Karnack learned of this from one of the few survivors of the massacre in late December of 1901, and it prompted him to leave the party in an attempt to find out if any of his family survived.


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