House Indradath was the last family to rule over the old Storm Elf empire. Their fortress was Tor Indradath, located north of Tor Naether and west of the river Lahn. They were wealthy and militant, and the Tor (once used as a fortress) eventually became a grand palace of state.

Tor Indradath was ransacked by the frost giants following the civil war between the Elves and Dragons, and was ultimately taken over by Ingo, a Frost Giant chief. THe Tor was eventually liberated late in 1902 by an expedition led by the party.

Indrid Cold was born at Tor Indradath. It is widely believed that he is the son of Andred Indradath, the last of the Storm Kings before Iolar re-established the throne. He has never publicly confirmed this fact and prefers to be Iolar’s lieutenant than to take power for himself at the moment.

Tor Indradath is in the process of being rebuilt and refurbished. It is the current capitol of the new Storm Reach Kingdom.


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