This section is for making note of historical references in the world of Gaeda. Information on ancient dynasties, past wars, or significant geologic or astronomical events can be listed here.


This time-line organizes major historical dates. The more recent events (say, from the founding of Aquilonia of Phar Shekem) would be known to most people. Further back into history, details become more hazy and only those with long memories (elves and dwarves) or specialized knowledge of history have any real insight.

80 Years Ago – Aquilonian and Shekemite Colonies Founded

113 Years ago – Kingdom of the Storm Elves Falls.

180 Years Ago – The Hegemony of Aquilonia is established in the wake of Aquilon’s many successful conquests.

201 Years Ago – Cataclysm of Adastrica

220 Years Ago – Aquilon begins expansion and conquest of Renelon Lands of the Old World.

230 Years Ago – Adastrican Colonies founded.

260 Years Ago – 2nd Dwarf and Elf War

300 Years Ago – Founding of the city of Aquilon

320 Years Ago – Cold Sea War, Adastrica Vs. Elves of Alfaen

450 Years Ago – Caliph of Shekem conquers the Tribes of Phar

480 Years Ago – Rise of Adastrica

520 Years Ago – 1st Dwarf and Elf War, Storm Elves break away from Alfaen

650 Years Ago – Civil War in Renelon, seperatists flee to Adastrican continent and settle among a Gnomish colony there. Their union births the Adastrican culture.

800 Years Ago – The Year of Mighty Storms. Elves of Undra break away from Alfaen.

850 Years Ago – Gnomes re-appear. Tribes of Renelon unite.

920 Years Ago – Caliphate of Shekem established.

1200 Years Ago – Elves Colonize Undra, Storm Reaches. High Thane Modi Granskjegg establishes a new calendar which commences from the Victory over the Giants. The Dwarf calendar will eventually be adopted by the civilizations of Men and Gnomes.

1400 Years Ago – The Year of Endless Winter. Gnomes mysteriously disappear.

1500 Years Ago – Civilization of Man develops permanent settlements in what will become Renelon(later Aquilonia) and Phar Shekem. Halflings appear and become numerous among the lands of Men.

1901 Years Ago – Dwarves discover Mithril in the Shieldlands and win a decisive war against the Giants. This is considered the highpoint of the Dwarven Golden Age

2600 Years Ago – Dwarves unite in the Shield-Lands.

3500 Years Ago – Elven Civilization of Alfaen arises. Gnomes seen in Western Lands. Human Tribes scattered and leaderless.


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