Sobriquet: The Stormbringer

Portfolio: Weather, water, the sea

Domains: Chaos, Travel, Weather, Water

Patron of: Sailors, fishermen, wives

Favored Element: Water

Associated Planet/star: Ge’an (The red moon)

Pantheon relations: Olai (brother), Ishne (husband)

Description: The sister of Olai and representation of the larger, darker moon which the elves have known is the source of tides, Ge’an is the mistress of water, weather and the ocean. She is known as both happy, angry, sad and playful, a deity capable of changing her emotion at a moment’s notice. A spirit of energetic chaos, all who venerate her give her generous respect, as her favor can turn from good to bad in a moment.
Sailors venerate Ge’an almost exclusively, and are most likely to encounter her. She is rarely encountered on land except during fierce storms. She is always seen and depicted as a well-built elven woman with long, wet hair. Sailors view merfolk as the children of Ge’an: to be both honored, feared and always respected.
From time immemorial she has been known as the spouse of Ishne, as most who have cause to venerate one have cause to venerate the other. The banks of rivers, lakes and oceans are known as special places for the married and betrothed, and most elves will not consider it a proper ceremony if a wedding is held at such a place. Unlike her brother, Ge’an’s influence is still viewed as waxing and waning with the 1-month aspect of her moon, with her influence greatest during both high tides and full moons.

Ge’an is particularly revered by the Storm Elves, and is sometimes called by them the Stormbringer or the Lady of Winter.

The various powerful houses of the Storm Elves sometimes held that each was blessed by Ge’an in a different way, some blessed with her lightning, some with her rain, some with wind, etc. etc. This was largely a ceremonial distinction and had to do with the order and character of tributes and sacrifices during religious observances.


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