Exenor is a large town in the Prophares Protectorate, situated on the shore of Lungmere Lake. It’s primary industries are fishing and cattle.

Exenor is ruled by Lord Alban, a wizard of some note in Prophares. He keeps order with the help of a number of armored constructs and lives in a tall black tower near the lake.

While exploring, Savren Located four temples in the town:

  • A temple to The Starbinder
  • A shrine to Erastil, an agricultural god
  • A Temple dedicated to Zeus, who is worshiped in Aquilonia
  • A small nondescript shrine located in a locked courtyard. Savren could not determine which god it was dedicated to.

While in town, the party stayed at a very nice inn run by a man named Roan McEedies.


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