Embric Spellbook

This is the a book of Obvious Magical Import. It is bound in some kind of purple leather and closed with a complex lock of brass and silver featuring a puzzle of sliding jewels that are adorned with arcane symbols. A silver heraldic device affixed to the cover seems to indicate that this book once belonged to Alia Jo-Joli of Tor Embric.


Arcane Lock, DC 35 to open, Dispel DC 19 reduces the Pick DC to 25, Knock suppresses for 10 min. The cover closes automagically unless told specifically to remain open.

Page 1

Some sort of Symbol of Blindness

Page 2

Inscription in Draconic:
“Being a volume of Arcane Lore known to Alia Jo-Joli for preparation of Magic Rituals and Incantations. This lore is for private perusal, and Interlopers who continue to insist on Meddling in matters which do not concern them will garner no sympathy for the Multitude of Sufferings which they will undoubtedly subject themselves to in the course of their Ill-Advised investigations”

Page 3

Hold Portal

Page 4

Unerring Weapon

Page 5

Magic Weapon

Page 6

Explosive Rune Page (Expended)

Page 7

Explosive Runes

Page 8 – 12

Unseen Servant and Commentary
[SECRET PAGE: Telekinesis, Password “lovely slave”]
[Dispel Check = 20]

Page 13 – 14

Defensive Shock

Page 15 – 16

Eagle’s Splendor
[Contact Poison: Sassone leaf residue | Fort DC 16 | onset 1 min. | 1/min. for 6 min. | 2d12 hp/1 Con | 1 save]

Page 17 – 20

False Life
[SECRET PAGE: Detect Scrying, Password “painted veil”]
[Dispel Check = 20]

Page 21 – 22

Whispering Wind

Page 23

Storm of Paper Birds
(reader no save, those within 10’ reflex DC 18 for 1/2, paper cuts cause bleed 2d6+2/rnd for d6 rounds. Cranes continue to flurry until dispelled.)
[Dispel Check = 24]

Page 24 – 26


Page 27 – 32

Greater Magic Weapon
[Secret Page: Enemy Hammer, Password “Hammer the Foe”]

Page 33 – 36

Wall of Ice

Page 37 – 43


Page 44

Inscription in Elvish:

He Serves best who serves in silence
Quiet and Unseen from cradle to grave
Who lifts and works when called upon
But elsewise unnoticed be a Lovely Slave

We all live Life behind facades
False days passing behind a clever tale
But the wise can discern what lies beneath
Their sight can pierce the Painted Veil

Strife has forced us to take up Weapons
Employ our Magic to sharpen the blow
We will use the enemy’s strength against him
And show no mercy as we Hammer the Foe

Page 45 (back Page)

Explosive Rune Page (expended)

Embric Spellbook

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