This section will be for noting important in-game dates which may come up during play. Character Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holy Days, Appointments, etc.

Most of the civilizations of Gaeda run on the Dwarven Calendar, which begins with the destruction of the Shieldland Giants and the discovery of Mithril at Cragorran 1900 years ago. The current year is 1901 in the “Age of Dwarves” (A.D.) Older dates are reckoned in years “Before Cragorran” (B.C.)

For ease of play, we will be using the modern calendar. In case in-game time spins out into years, we’ll start the game in September of 1901.

Current campaign year is 1902

Important Dates:

Spring Equinox – March 21

Summer Solstice – June 21

Autumn Equinox – September 23

Winter Solstice – December 22

Party Birthdays

Zarunal: March 26, 1869 (33 yrs)

Liath: August 11, 1754 (148 yrs)

Savren: October 14, 1877 (25 yrs) [missing]

Karnack: September 30, 1884 (19 yrs) [missing]

Iolar: April 23, 1768 (134 yrs)

Ishma: April 2, 1876 (26 yrs) [DECEASED]

Mio Jo-Joli: June 7, 1765 (137 yrs) [Suffering from Madness]

Avron: February 11, (30 yrs)

Incidental Dates

September 4th, 1901 – Wedding Anniversary of Theo Gruun and Sarah Enfield Gruun, nobles of Adricsdorf

September 23, 1902 – Due Date for Zarunal’s Debt to Galen Zarunal Earns his freedom from Galen and completes his apprenticeship.

October 31st – Harvest Festival. Also the death of Horace Blackwall.

Dec 31st 1901 – Savren & Sarah Jane’s aborted wedding

Jan 14, 1902 – Attempted murder of Lord Birgen at the State Ball

March 21, 1902 – Date when investments with the Affable New World Pipeweed and Furrier Mercantile come due.

June 8, 1902 – Night of the Bloody Eye for 1902. The massacre at Chatapiet occurs and Sarah Jane has her baby.

June 25, 1902 – Ishma Killed in battle by Yark the Ogre Chieftan

August 30, 1902 – The Battle of Tor Indradath. The new Storm Reach Kingdom is founded.

February 1903 – Tor Indradath is successfully defended against an 80 ft tall golem constructed out of undead by the bespectacled man.


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