Blackwall Station

A small town on the border between Lyssandria and Prophares. In late summer of 1901, it was occupied by the Prophares Military.

Blackwall station was founded about 40 years ago as a trading post and a small farming community grew up around it. The trading post was originally set up and run by a commoner from within the Prophares Protectorate named Wilhelm Rentsch. During an Orc and Goblin threat about 20 Years ago, the town was attacked and Sir Thom Enfield, who is the Lord Hector Enfield’s uncle, raised a force of soldiers to go to Blackwall and protect the town from being ransacked. Sir Thom and Rentsch agreed to work together, and Enfield became the local Nobleman calling himself Lord Blackwall thereafter. Rentsch died a short time later, though his family maintains a prominent position in the town, and Blackwall station has had strong ties to Lyssandria ever since. Lord Blackwall has even had a seat in the Lyssandrian Diet.

However, about seven years ago deposits of coal and later on iron were found near Blackwall. At that point, Lord Prophares began asserting that Blackwall was a part of the Protectorate because it had been founded by his citizens, and that Lord Blackwall had no right to hold there unless he swore fealty to Prophares. Lord Blackwall was reluctant to do this, and this instigated a period of tension between the two nations. There were some raids on the town and troops were mobilized on both sides, however before open war was declared, a deal was brokered: Blackwall was allowed to remain independent, but was required to pay a yearly tribute to Prophares and was prohibited from establishing a Lyssandrian military garrison. This was finalized five years ago and things have been peaceful, if not exactly friendly with Prophares.

Over the summer, Prophares complained about an increase of banditry in the area around Blackwall, and in June they claimed that the yearly tribute had been stolen by bandits. Saying that Lord Blackwall was no longer capable of managing his holdings, Lord Prophares sent his army into Blackwall Station sometime in August.

The leader of the Prophares garrison in Blackwall Station is a Storm Elf named Anthec.

The bandits turned out to be the Bloody Hand Gang, working in collusion with Pitor Rentsch, who had a long-standing grudge against the Blackwall family. The tribute was recovered, but ultimately it turned out to have been a box full of lead rather than gold. Since the gang had not broken the seal on the tribute chest, it is a mystery as to who stole the gold. Regardless, it appears likely that Anthec will use Blackwall Station as the launching point for an invasion of Lyssandria in the spring.

The Bloody Hand Gang was using a hidden cave temple near Blackwall as their base of operations. This is where Savren Discovered a magic shield and also an ancient Prophecy. It is also where the party discovered Sarah Jane, being held prisoner by the bandits, as well as Cyrus Stewart and his family.

Blackwall Station

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