Lord Anthec is one of the Storm Elves, a refugee from Tor Naether. He made his name in Prophares as a ruthless monster-fighter on the western borders, then was given a commission in the Army and was ultimately made the Commander of all of Prophares armed forces.

His bearing and dress indicate one born to nobility. His manner is haughty and somewhat presumptuous.

Anthec may or may not have something to do with the disappearance of the Prophares tribute from Blackwall Station. The incident was his excuse for an invasion of southern Lyssandria in the spring of 1902. He conquered the lands south of the Khonnash River and claims them for himself. In the process, he killed Iolar’s unlcle Eldred at the battle of Guildport.

Upon hearing of the re-establishment of the Storm Reach Kingdom, he went north and demanded his hereditary seat on the council.


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