The original island homeland of the Elves. They are historically a seafaring culture, and once had far-flung colonies before rise of men. A few of their outposts exist in far corners of the world, but their kingdom is mostly in decline. Cultural Touchstone: Celtic.

It is generally accepted that Alfaen history started approximately (or more exactly, if you believe in Alfaen reckoning of dates) 3500 years ago with the founding of Seabayhil, still the capital of the Empire to this day.

A great number of arts and technologies were developed and spread by the elves of Alfaen. Of these, the art of sailing is probably the greatest. Alfaen quickly outgrew its island home and by necessity developed the foundations of shipbuilding and navigation. Virtually all elven and human sailing technology is a direct descendant of these Alfaen techniques. The Alfaen Empire was the undisputed master of the seas and founded colonies far and wide and had them split off into independent nations long before Adastrica was formed. Even today, having lost most of its colonies, the Alfaen Empire is still a strong maritime nation boasting some of the fastest and strongest (if not the most powerful) ships on the seas.

Alfaen elves follow the standard Elven Pantheon.


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