Adastrica was a great and powerful kingdom of men. However, two
hundred years ago a great cataclysm destroyed it, sinking the capital
city and most of the continent beneath the waves. Ruins of this lost
civilization can still be found among the Island Kingdoms and
scattered around the Colonial Lands. Cultural Touchstone: Lost
continent of Atlantis.

The Starbinder was one of the principal Gods of Adastrica which were commonly worshipped in Adastrican society and
influenced Adastrican government. Many also believe it was The Starbinder herself that wrought the destruction of Adastrica,
although the reason why is a mystery.

Part of the old Adastrican culture survives in the Selicari, an
order of traveling pilgrims and adventurers who have adopted a
somewhat nomadic outlook and are dedicated to walking the earth,
acting as messengers, and aiding other travelers that they meet along
the way.

Former provinces or States of Adastrica that survived the cataclysm include Delos


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