Paths of Gaeda

A few more details

I’ve established a few more details about Gaeda – most notably a history timeline. I’ve also added a couple of new sections off the main wiki page. We will be using a modern calendar from 1901 for in-game time.

That’s probably all the world-building I’m going to do before we begin actual play. Anything else I add will be specific to the starting area of the game.

Ready to Record

I’ve just purchased a new ZOOM H2 digital recorder, and it’s been successfully tested, so we are all set to podcast. The recorder has 4 built-in mic elements, so it can capture the entire table easily. I’m really looking forward to getting this show on the road.

Details accruing

I have added more details and am slowly building out details for the starting area of the campaign: the town of Adricsdorf. I’ve already gotten a few ideas about local and national politics and what interesting things might be worth investigating in the area.

This wiki format is very good for expanding and cross-referencing details, and to tell the truth it’s a bit addictive. I have to hold myself back to keep from adding way too many unnecessary details. I have to let the players fill in some of the blank space on the map as well!

Preparations Underway
getting ready

I’ve begun the wiki process for our Pathfinder Game. If this works as advertised, hopefully we can all work together to consolidate notes and developments here for the game – that way we don’t have to rely exclusively on scribbled notes in an old journal, especially for something like this where I’m making it up as I go.


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