Paths of Gaeda

Session 06
You give me Fever

The party awakens on the 21st of September to discover that Zarunal is still suffering from Filth Fever, and in fact is even worse than before: shaking, dehydrated, and grumpy. The proprietor of the Broken Wheel is distraught at the idea of anyone dying in his inn, especially someone that Sir Colwyn expressed an interest in, so he does his best to make the wizard comfortable. Iolar, in the meantime, considers the invitation from Sir Colwyn important enough that he feels the need to see to it immediately. He hires a horse from the innkeeper, and proceeds to Oak Falls immediately, instructing his companions to seek aid from Lord Garret, the local nobleman. Zarunal is left in bed, attended by the innkeeper.

Lord Garret is wary of the party at first, and before offering any help he asks numerous questions about the party, their business, Lord Birgen, and why Colwyn wants to see them, though he is largely unimpressed by their answers. It comes out that most of Garret’s henchmen have been summoned away to some kind of muster in Adricsdorf. Garret’s interest does pick up as Savren describes the threats that the party overcame within the Woods across the river. Savren gets a bit carried away in the telling, however, and lets slip some details about the discovery of the crude Mithril dagger which was taken off the Kobold leader. Garret clearly wants a chance to examine the thing himself, although Karnack puts him off by claiming that Iolar has taken it with him to Oak Falls.

Garret reluctantly agrees to offer what little aid he can, but when it comes time to negotiate the price of his help, the party are at a loss for what to give in return. Fate intervenes, however – a local farmer arrives, complaining that he has lost several sheep to an Ankheg which needs to be exterminated. As Garret’s own men are unavailable, he drafts the party to help put the menace down. Garret’s daughter Elspeth accompanies the party back to the inn and administers a healing draught of some kind, which restores Zarunal’s strength (for the moment, at least). Zarunal agrees that he will help try to kill the Ankheg so long as he has the strength.

The Farmer leads the party to a tunnel dug into the earth by the beast – a burrow of some kind. The party cautiously descend into the cramped passage, but find the warren more extensive than they first imagined. Stomping heavily to attract the beast, they are beset by not one, but two Ankhegs. The first charges out of the dark and immediately grabs Karnack in it’s pincers, attempting to drag him off. The fight is desperate, but Karnack eventually works himself free just as another monster comes up the tunnel from behind, nearly killing Zarunal. Savren is also seriously injured by the things’ acidic spittle. After a hard but swift fight, the beasts are put down.

The party continues to explore the warren, realizing that they are in an extensive nest. In the lowest part of the nest they finally come upon the last of the Ankhegs guarding a clutch of eggs. It fails to drive the heroes out of the nest, and is killed. With the threat averted, Zarunal supervises the harvesting of the eggs, along with various organs and alchemically useful viscera from the corpses.

During the return journey to the inn, however, Zarunal suffers a relapse and by the morning of the 22nd he has become even worse than before. He is in real danger of dying from Filth Fever. Borrowing a pair of fast horses from Lord Garrett, Liath rides north to Hearnsward and Karnack east to Oak Falls, each hoping to find some help that they can bring back to save Zarunal. Zarunal prepares for the worst, dictating his final will to Savren.

In Oak Falls, Karnack finds Iolar still in discussion with Colwyn, but he has no time to dawdle. Colwyn refers Karnack to his manservant Flinchly, an elderly Gnome. Flinchly produces a scroll of “remove disease” which Karnack takes back to Oakhaven as fast as he can.

In Hearnsward, Liath is referred to Otto Goodbarley, the hetman of the Goodbarley Clan of halflings living in the area. Otto owns a tavern, a lively place called the Full Mug. Though reluctant at first, once Otto realizes that it’s a halfling that is in trouble, he springs into action. After some time Liath is introduced to Indrid, a Storm Elf who happens to be in town. Indrid is surprised to meet an elf from Undra, but there is no time for extended conversation. Indrid has a potion of Lesser Restoration on him, which Otto agrees to buy on the understanding that Zarunal must pay him back if he recovers. While he writes a brief note, Indrid asks Liath to keep an eye out for any other Storm Elves he might meet, and to spread the word that he is seeking out his kin.

Karnack returns to Oakhaven first, just before dawn on the 23rd. Savren immediately attempts to use the scroll to rid Zarunal of his fever, but he cannot control the magic and his attempt fails. Soon thereafter Liath arrives and administers the potion: it helps, but very little. Despite these setbacks, with all of this attention, rest, and aid, however Zarunal’s sickness finally stabilizes. By midday on September 24th, the fever has broken and he is on the way to recover, though the sickness has left him incredibly weak.


Session 05
CSI: Pathfinder

On the morning of the September 15th, the Party is still weakened from their encounter of the previous evening. Liath is suffering greatly form the centipede poison, and Karnack is very weak from blood loss. They decide to allow their injured companions a day of complete bed rest, and while Savren tends to the wounded the others forage for provisions.

On the 16th, they proceed to the tower, arriving mid-morning. Noticing that the earthen mounds around the tower have been disturbed, Zarunal decides to dig one up, and uncovers the mutilated remains of a human – possibly the mssing blacksmith’s apprentice from Adricsdorf. After taking the time to give the young man a proper burial, the party descends into the ruined tower’s basement.

In the darkness below, the party encounters swarms of rats which bit and claw at everyone. While dealing with this menace, Iolar is surprised from behind by a Ghoul which has snuck up from a lower room. After dispatching it, the party follows it’s wet footprints back to a waterlogged crypt room infested with more ghouls. Despite being successfully ambused by them, the party fights off the undead and clears the room of them.

A thorough search ensues. Although there is no obvious hoard of treasure here, numerous alchemical and geological items of value are discovered, along with some items of a magical nature. There is also evidence that other explorers have been here, possibly to study the necromantic spells which appear to be carved onto the walls. Zarunal catalogs the items discovered and does his best to transcribe the spells. In the meantime, Iolar investigates a flooded chamber which appears to contain the remains of a gnomish clockwork device.

More investigation above ground reveals more bodies, mostly of animals, but some of humans. The remains of a couple of Kashwa warriors are discovered, along with a pair of corpses which look like they have been stolen from a graveyard. The group surmises that someone has come here to study the carvings in the basement after placating the ghouls with rotting corpses. The group finds evidence of a trail possibly left by these unknown interlopers and decides to follow it to the north.

Thge next several days are spent in a combination of rest and scouting as the group continues their mapmaking duties and follows the trail to the north. Several of the party have contracted Filth Fever following their encounter with the rats, but only Zarunal suffers greatly from it. Liath finds that not far to the west, the woods thin and give way to rolling grassy hills. To the north, the trail that they are following eventually leads to the Kohnnash river. The party finds a boat that has been left nearby and uses it to make a crossing. After some wandering about, they realize that they are near the town of Oakhaven. About mid-day on September 20th they enter Oakhaven and stop at the town’s only inn, the Broken Wheel. The proiprietor tells Iolar that a message has been left for a group matching their description: Colwyn Gruun, the son of Lord Gruun of Adricsdorf, is looking for them and wishes them to meet him at Lord Gruun’s hunting lodge near Oak falls before they return to Adricsdorf again. The party also encounters Elsbeth, the daughter of the local Lord Garret.


Iolar's Log 4

September 15, Year 3509 (1901 Dwarven): After a great deal of bickering, the party all agrees to make camp for the night and explore the tower in the morning. I would have preferred to go and visit myself during the night, perhaps to see what sort of unnatural activity goes on there. However, it is a virtue to admit one’s flaws, and I while my sight is keen in the dark, were some evil of strength to reside there at night, I do not trust my abilities to carry the day. And where would we be then? So, we stay the night. It is uneventful, despite the predictable sounds.

Exploring the tower the next day, I lay eyes upon the cobbled courtyard, scattered with small earthen mounds. I suspect they may be some kind of burial mounds, and find a oddly shaped handprint upon one of them. But more importantly, the tower: Muiri has smiled upon me! Even in its decrepit state, I can see that it is ancient and likely predates the Adastrican colonies. It even looks slightly gnomish! What secrets may lie here, I wonder??

As I was examining the stonework, the halfling alchemist scaled the tower and discovered the source of the unnatural light: some sort of iron lantern, fashioned to be a magical prison of some kind. Judging by the nature of the inscriptions and the magical behavior of he item itself, I surmised a lantern archon had been imprisoned inside. Despite my companions’ protest, I opened the lantern and freed the grateful spirit. While it had little to offer in appreciation, it did offer something of great value, its name: Anoxinyl. This spirit also lent some insight to our recent troubles: A malicious spirit, once trapped in the lantern, had been accidentally freed by the archon and was now predating the area. Undoubtedly, this is the force which has caused us so much trouble of late.

Bidding a farewell to the archon, we set out to capture the spirit in the now-vacant lantern. Our bodyguard volunteered to be bait for our trap. Slowly letting him bleed to death, we drew the wisp from the wood, along with a bevy of more centipedes. We all managed to fend off the centipedes (luckily, I avoided any repeat of their venom! My comrades were not so lucky), draw the wisp into the prison, then quickly healed our valiant fighter. The lamp drew into itself and vanished with a flash, dispelling the unquiet spirit, and bringing peace and quiet to the woods at last, Ishne be praised.

Tomorrow, we shall take a closer look at the basement of the tower ruin.

Session 04
A Bloody Errand Fulfilled

Darkness falls on the evening of September 13th, and the heroes think better of sneaking into a ruined tower in the dead of night, especially considering the strange lights Iolar has seen. Liath finds a perfect campsite not too far from the lake, and sets a simple tripwire alarm as the group settles in for what promises to be an uneasy night.

Towards the end of second watch, Zarunal, Liath, and Karnack all become aware of new sounds nearby: voices and the sound of people moving. When they investigate, the sounds retreat, trying to draw them to the north and away from the tower. Zarunal senses some new kind of trick, however, and successfully determines that the noises are illusory. The group continues to ignore the sounds and passes the rest of the night in relative peace.

By midday on the 14th, the party is approaching the tower. Unsure of what they face, they unladen their ponies and sequester them at a distance. They also stop to eat, so that is is almost mid-afternoon by the time they reach the ruined structure. The crumbling stone edifice is half-collapsed, and surrounded by strange mounds of earth. There are rats infesting the place as well, but the party does not attempt to disturb them overmuch. Zarunal attempts to climb what remains of the stairs, although he twice meets with mishap as part of the structure crumbles away beneath his weight. He is saved from a fall both times by judicious use of his magic. At the top of the tower he discovers a battered Iron Lantern which radiates magic in addition to light.

After some debate and discussion, the party determines that the lantern contains a Lantern Archon, which they release. It tells them that the lamp was once a prison for the mischievous and troublesome spirit which is haunting the woods, and that the Archon became trapped when it attempted to interfere with the prison. The Archon charges them with with the task of using the lamp to once more recapture and then destroy the spirit, but it will not be easy: the creature must be captured as it feeds, and it feeds on the emotional fears of the dying. After giving a vague warning to the party about the presence of undead beneath the tower, the Archon vanishes.

There is another discussion, and Karnack volunteers to be the bait: he will be bled near to death in order to draw in the spirit. His comrades gathered around him, he is brought to death’s door by Savren. As he slips into unconsciousness, the malevolent spirit arrives – but in its wake are more of the Giant Centipedes which infest these woods. The party is beset from both sides and they struggle to defend both themselves and Karnack’s dying body. At the same time Savren must use his magic to locate the spirit before it can draw Karnack irrevocably beyond aid.

Liath and Iolar are poisoned by the vermin, and the fighting is fierce. The last of Karnack’s life quickly begins to slip away, but the spirit begins to glow evilly as he almost succumbs to death. Savren leaps into action, and opens the lamp, trapping the spirit while Iolar quickly revives Karnack. The centipedes are finally dispatched, and after a brief but intense struggle the spirit enters the lamp, which then destroys itself along with the evil inside. The party are shaken and battered, but when the day dawns on the 15th, they will be ready to face new challenges.


Iolar's Log 3

September 13, Year 3509 (1901 Dwarven): Our recent travels through this wood have brought us upon the camp of these cursed filthy kobolds, but apparently not in time to save some poor traveler preceding us. Judging by his remains (and by that I mean his possessions and documents, not the gruesome kitchen scraps of the vermin), I believe these to be the demise of poor merchant Yonsun. He carried a guild ring and several letters, which I fortunately had the arcane skill to cleanse before touching. Several were quite plain documents promising payment for certain trade goods and other things of a rather base nature, however one document contained a rather simple coded message which read “Lord B paid too much for something of value here. Find out what, and if it can be used against us. -A”. Had I written such an easily deciphered message, I’d be whipped out of the diplomatic towers of Sebayhil, were I not laughed out, first! It is plain that “Lord B” refers to Lord Bergen, and confirms my earlier suspicion that there is far more of worth here than would first meet the eye. The signature of “A” is rather more difficult; I suspect it may refer to Athran of the nearby Ramoth Heathlands, but I have little to back up that speculation at the moment.

Over the next several nights, as we approached the lake near the center of this land, my supporters complained of loud sounds during the night keeping them awake. At first I passed it off as some bad mushrooms they may have eaten, but in time I experienced the same unnatural fog and disturbing sounds as they. It seems quite obviously a mean illusion to me, but even the simplest of spells wielded effectively can keep a person from sleep. Fortunately, a recital of my dissertation on Adastrican import tax laws seemed to put everyone at ease, although I must admit it was not my initial intention.

Despite a comically harrowing challenge involving mobile grasses and an incident wherein the attendant cleric followed a mysterious, disembodied light into a sucking mire, we eventually reached the lake. Through the mists, I can see some sort of tower or manor, and once the sun has set some sort of lights or other activity can be seen amongst the ruin. There is certainly some sort of creature or inhabitant of this area which does not appreciate my interest! Which, of course, makes me all the more interested… The disturbing sounds at night have become louder and more insistent, and we have taken to sleeping later into the morning to get some worthwhile sleep. As we approach the tower, I am feeling myself much more healthy and prepared, the nagging wounds from the foul insects several nights earlier having finally healed; for the honor and glory of Alfaen, I am ready to face whatever foulness protects the secrets here!

Session 3
Strange Noises in the Forest

After repelling the Kobold ambush on the afternoon of the 9th, Zarunal and Liath stumble upon the remains of the Kobold encampment, and witness a disturbing sight as the last members of that band slaughter each other over the remaining scraps of food left behind. Within the camp, the party discovers more evidence of the missing guildmaster, and it becomes apparent that the man, one Frederich Jonsun by name, met his end at the hands of the Kobolds. The man’s cloak is recovered, as well as the hilt of his broken rapier, some coins, and a number of miscellaneous documents including a cryptic letter from someone with the initial A

A damp and fog-bound night closes in, and our heroes do their best to get some rest, however their repose is broken by strange sounds in the forest, though the source of those sounds cannot be located.

The morning of the 10th, the crew tries once more to find the track which leads to the west, and ends up once more following the creek where they were ambushed. After trekking some miles, the sound of a person crying out in distress leads them off the track and into the forest. Liath attempts to try to locate the source of the sound, but in the process the party is led into the clutches of an assassin vine – a carniverous plant which attempts to entangle members fo the party. The ponies bolt and once more Zarunal is thrown to the ground, wounding his back and his dignity. Beyond the initial surprise, the vine proves a small threat which is quickly dealt with.

The party returns to the creek, but after some time realizes that they have gone the wrong way and ended up once more at the site of the Kobold ambush of the previous day. They camp once more, and the night noises return, more violently this time. The ponies are nearly spooked once more.

On the 11th, the party once more follows the path along the creek, and enter a foggy, marshy area. A torchlight is seen in the mist, and Savren magically detects a chaotic presense behind it. He attempts to lead the party in tracking it down, but following this shadow causes him to blunder into a mire, and he is very nearly sucked down to his doom. Abandonning the chase, the party continues west and comes to a lake where they make camp.

Camp that night is uneasy – the party have grown suspicious of these night noises, and are determined not to react to them, despite an increase in the ruckus. Thus they are somewhat surprised when a wild boar, mad with fright, charges into their camp and gores Karnack, almost fatally. Iolar, on his watch, sees a hint of light on the opposite shore of the lake.

In the morning, Iolar spots the source of the faint lights the previous night – a ruin of some kind, possibly a tower. So the party spends the 12th moving northwards around the lake, eventually stopping to camp at another creek.

The night of the 12th is the worst yet: the cries of a frightened child lead Karnack and Liath into an ambush by giant spiders. Dancing lights, disembodied screams, and other loud noises in the night terrify the horses. The party’s rest is interrupted multiple times, and they spend half the next day recuperating.

Still, as the 13th wears on, they push ahead to the lake’s opposite short and have the ruined tower in sight as night falls. They are still some hours away from their destination, but decide to press on into the night in order to get there. Just as the light gives out, Liath spots what looks like the tracks of booted feet – someone else has come this way.


Iolar's Log 2

September 9, Year 3509 (1901 Dwarven): Having finally left this hamlet of Adricsdorf, it is refreshing to again smell the fresh air. I don’t know why I waited so long to do so; how people live in these cramped, dull towns of dead earth and wood I fear I shall never comprehend. Then again, perhaps it is better not to understand such things.

I digress; we traveled several days to the confluence of the Kohnnash river and Smokey creek where we found a farm tended by some simple human farmers, truly “salt of the earth” as the humans like to say. They seemed friendly enough to begin with, but became more and more restrained in their hospitality. They were far more helpful after wildly overpaying for their modest hospitality. This sort of behavior isn’t at all surprising, as I’ve become accustomed to such things from humans. They did offer some information regarding the missing merchant Jonson, who apparently passed this way some week earlier. Bidding them a farewell, we sought out the remains of the ancient road as mentioned earlier, having found it, I could identify it as well over a century in age, but it was really quite difficult to say beyond that.

We attempted to follow the road into the forest; our ranger discovered a pit, dug into the center of the road! Fortunately, no injuries, although there’s no evidence of who or why such a crude trap was built. I theorize some local savages such as kobolds may have created this for hunting. It occurred to us some time later that we had lost the trace of the old road. After some searching, we again found what looked like remains of the road. A short time later, we found a second , similar trap, then decided it was time to make camp for the evening.

During the night, we were beset upon by gargantuan insects, one of which took a liking to the taste of my own flesh! Huin be cursed, these foul beasts would have to be venomous as well!

While I sustained grievous injuries, those wounds I shall heal swift enough with Cuishi’s blessings, but I fear it may take many days before I feel recovered from the toxins.

This morning, we were attacked by a pack of kobolds, who we easily beat back. Slightly later in the day we ran into a large group of the savage beasts. By way of my magical abilities, I handily duped these stupid souls into beleiving I had summoned a pack of ghostly owlbears (!!) and we swiftly defeated these as well. Amongst the remains of these foul creatures we found an expected array of disgusting items, but also a guild ring from the Lyssasport trading guild and a crudely made mithril dagger. Could these simple kobolds have found a local source of mithril???? This mayturn out to be a more promising venture than I anticipated!

Session 2
In which our heroes head into the wilds.

On September 5, the party leaves Adricsdorf by the west road. Lord Enfield has given Iolar a copy of Lord Birgen’s land grant so that he knows exactly which area to survey. Zarunal decides to bring his wagon for the first part of the journey after all, and in addition they have with them the pack pony provided by Lord Birgen, loaded with food, rope and some other sundries. At the end of the first day they have reached Lord Gruun’s mills at Oak Falls, where the main road crosses the Kohnnash and goes north towards Oakhaven. The Party spends the night in a farmhouse and then leaves the main road, heading south and west on a country track.

At the end of September 7th, they arrive at the last farmhouse before the wilderness. The inhabitants are aware that Lord Birgen will be coming soon, and they also inform the party that another traveller, a Guildmaster named Jonson passed through the previous week, and left his horse in their care before disappearing. He had wanted to see Lord BIrgen’s new lands himself, apparently.

On the morning of the 8th, the party sets off into the woods beyond Smoky Creek, with their two ponies in tow. They intend to follow the remains of what may once have been an old road, but Liath loses the track and they end up wandering down a game-trail. Litah also fails to notice a pit trap placed on the trail, which he and Savren blunder into. Zarunal’s quick thinking saves Savren, but Liath suffers a cracked rib.

The band leaves the trail and bears to the north until they find what they think might be their original track. Karnack is on point now, and he also blunders into a crude trap which launches an arrow into his shoulder. Savren tends to Liath’s and Karnack’s wounds, and the crew makes camp for the night. During the first watch, however, Iolar fails to notice a small pack of giant centipedes which invades the camp. His inattention costs him as one of the vermin severely injures him with fang and poison. The camp is roused and the danger dispatched quickly, but Iolar will be suffering the affects of the venom for days to come.

The remainder of the night is uneventful, but on the morning of the 9th it becomes clear that the party’s blundering progress has attracted some attention. They are ambushed by a small band of kobolds, but fight them off. Two of the enemy are killed and the rest retreat. They party continues for a few more hours along the track until it joins a creek, and shortly thereafter the Kobolds ambush them once more, with a much larger force. Karnack is caught in a snare and temporarily held down, while the others attack the party and try to make off with one of the ponies. Quick thinking and general combat prowess results in victory for the party, with the Kobold leader killed and the rest dead or fled.

On the Kobold leader’s body, a number of interesting items are found:

- numerous coins sewn into his armor
- some kind of a potion
- a signet ring, evidently belonging to the guildmaster Jonson
- a crudely fashioned metal dagger. Highly unusual in that the metal it is made from is Mithril, which is usually only found in Dwarf and Elf craftsmanship.

After this last combat, the session closes, and experience is awarded. Party total stands at 700xp each. Updates have been made to the party inventory.


Iolar's Log 1

September 05, year 3509 (1901 Dwarven): Finally, I have found a suitable reason to begin exploring the wilds around this tiny hamlet of Adricsdorf. While shopping for a suitable vintage of wine for Lord Enfield's daughter's wedding. Of course, they have nothing here that could even grace the same table as the lowest vintage in Seabayhil, but suitable for the locals' taste. As I negotiated a price, I happened to overhear the conversation of a certain Zarunal Turner, a traveling halfling merchant, and several other locals. He expressed an interest in one of the errands posted by a visiting Lord Bergen to survey his new holdings to the southwest. How these humans reason on “holding” lands they have never seen, much less occupied, is beyond me. In research of this upcoming task, I inquired towards some of the local Kashemite primitives (an interesting people who deserve further study). They reported on a haunted, ruined tower in that area and warned us away from it. It sounds to my ear that an old Adastrican ruin may lie in the area. Apparently, a local blacksmith's apprentice named Horst attempted to visit this ruin and never returned.

Having accepted a token payment of 50 pieces of local gold to each of my escorts as well as a week of ration, torches, rope and a packmule, Lord Birgen supplied a copy of his grant and directions to the area, following one of the crude modern roads towards an older, overgrown road that I find quite promising. Following my attendance of the aforementioned wedding (an unsurprisingly raucous affair, due to the enchanted wine), we are to set off the following day. One last thing to note: A merchant of some note (although for what reason, I cannot even guess), was anticipated at the wedding but never showed. Apparently, he abruptly left town with all his possessions. Curious, but not nearly as curious as exploring this potential Adastrican ruin to the southeast, may its secret s bring fortune to Alfaen.

Session 1
IN which our heroes obtain gainful employment.

In-game date: September 1, 1901

Our heroes arrive in Adricsdorf from various directions by various means. They meet at the Wine Merchant’s tavern where Karnack of Jorontown finds an interesting notice requesting the services of a survey team to look over some land to the south and west of town. It is agreed that they look into this job. There are a couple of other notices regarding a recent “incident” at the local graveyard and bandits on the north road to Mannadan, but these are passed over for the moment.

Iolar Tuaysheartah finds some Kashwa fur trappers who are in town selling their goods and asks them if they know anything about the land to be surveyed. The trappers make mention of a plague at some time in the past which caused their people to retreat from the coastal areas, after which the “people from the sea” (the colonists from Adastrica ) moved in. They have heard tell that there is a lake somewhere in those woods, and there are rumors of an old ruined tower. The place has a bad reputation, and they recommend staying clear of it.

The group convenes at the plantation house of Lord Enfield, one of the four local petty nobles. There they meet Lord Birgen, newly arrived from Aquilonia. He’s obtained a local land grant and is eager to establish his own plantation. The survey is for the lands granted to him. He offers the adventurers 50 gold apiece and agrees to outfit them with a pack pony carrying food, some rope, torches, and map-making tools.

The group decides to take the job, some for the money, others for the adventure. Liath Adhmad is interested in exploring the inland wilds of the Western Continent, and Zarunal Turner is eager to earn whatever money he can, for he has been given a year in which to earn enough cash to pay off his indenture. They stay in town two more days so that Iolar can attend the wedding of Enfield’s daughter to the second son of Lord Gruun, another local landowner. The group prepares to set out on September 5.



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