Currently playing Avron, just wanted to put backstory up for GM. Will update when it is time to play him. Although he is Halfling Summoner!


Born 10/23/1829, Errwick grew up in Sekanda Gul. His parents had two girls and two boys (one of them Errwick). While he was young, too young for one to, he start practicing magic. Without guidance, the first spell he casted was to summon a monster. The spell went horribly wrong, summoning a dragon into his house. The dragon destroyed his home, killing both of his sisters and his brother. The dragon then turned its rage onto the city. Luckly the guards made it to, and slayed the dragon, before it could destroy its forth house. Returning to where his room was, Errwick found a huge gem. It was a deep purple bigger then his head was.

Soon after his parents sent him off to school to learn magic. Errwick lacked the drive to study the art, instead spent his time studying about the lands. The gem, which he kept in his room, started to crack one day. Not knowing what was going on, he rushed it to one of his teachers. Before he could arrive though, out of the gem hatched a dragon. Errwick ran through the school, screaming that a dragon was after to kill him.

The mages sooned learned that they could not seperate Errwick and the baby dragon. The dragon, who took a few finger and toes, was only calm when near Errwick. They brough in a summoner and Errwick soon studied the ways of a Summoner. He named the dragon Milinda, after one of his sisters, sealing the bond between them.

Errwick, while studying to be a Summoner, also spent his time learning about maps. He decided one day that it was time to set out. He goal was to find where he had summoned that dragon from back as a child. Although he is sure Milinda would rather stay with him, he wants to find where her true home is. Mapping the world and all the dragon dens, he found a group that was headed north into the storm reaches. Learning they needed a Cartographer he signed up with the hopes to map out all the dragon dens to the north.


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