Paths of Gaeda

Session 57

Back at the Ranch

Liath agrees to stay and guard the newly created access tunnel to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth while Zarunal teleports the rest of the party back to Tor Indradath. Unfortunately, en route Zarunal is somehow separated from the party and they end up arriving without him. (he eventually arrives much later, but that tale will have to wait until next session)

Politics and conspiracies rule the day back in the Storm Reach Kingdom. Anthec is hosting foreigners and plotting something, but nobody knows just what. Tor Alric has been liberated from the orcs and is demanding aid to re-establish the hold. Kendra El-Eladra wants to build a new shrine to Ge’an at Tor Eladra. Mio Jo Jolie is somewhat recovered from her madness, but she remains aloof and does not interact much with the party. Iolar has his hands full getting the council to pursue a sane course going forward.

Ala, meanwhile, receives a mysterious visitor in the evening: it is our old friend Victor. He has been sent to deliver a blackmail message on behalf of person or persons unknown, threatening to expose to Iolar that she is using a false name and is wanted for some reason by the elves of Alfaen. The terms he offers are a demand for information: a complete account of everything that has happened on the expedition to the Lost Caverns.

Ala decides to come clean with Iolar of her own accord: she reveal s herself to be his long-lost wife from a marriage arranged when they were barely of age. A marriage that each of them fled from in their own way. He is not overly surprised by the revelation, and the settle on a cordial but formal relationship for the moment. Victor eventually appears to Iolar, and Iolar notices that he looks haggard and sleep-deprived. Victor delivers the message he’s been paid to deliver, but Iolar gets him to stop for a brief moment and talk. He realizes that Victor is scared – apparently, the Drow have been sighted abroad in the surface world. Victor reiterates his fear of the deeper places of the earth before departing.

Avron does some research in the archives regarding the wondrous ship from the caverns, and he learns something of its history as well as the command word to get it to shrink down to a portable size.

Finally, Losfal is lured away from the Tor by an invitation of a peculiar nature. In the hills to the northwest of the tor, there are strange lights, and he encounters a bizarre individual who calls himself Punchwood and who makes odd pronouncements, claiming that there is a great work ahead, that Losfal must “Move within the spheres” and “Beware the eight hundred and eighty-two”. Punchwood then wanders away and vanishes into the night. When told of the incident, Iolar suspects that Punchwood is some kind of lunatic Fey.

The party eventually returns to the lost caverns, and finally descends the lift in the ice cave that Chossus was guarding. There is a partially collapsed passage into a much greater, temple-like space, where the heroes encounter a number of Troglodytes. Chossus had warned them that the lower caves had somehow become infested with these strange creatures and the party was prepared for the belligerent welcome they recieved. However, an alarm is sounded, and there is the noise of much movement in the surrounding caverns…



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