Paths of Gaeda

Session 56

Costly Negotiations

The party enters a new unexplored cave and Losfal once more encounters a sinister, shadowy presence that flees before his scrutiny. The party is sidetracked into a cave that appears to be lavishly furnished and staffed by dancing girls and a genial host. However, tucked away in a corner the party spies the Genie’s lamp, and it becomes clear that these are Jinn who are guarding the lamp. They weave an complicated web of illusions which temporarily befuddle and confuse the party, but ultimately they are dispatched. The Genie’s Lamp is returned to him and he offers Iolar a wish.

Iolar, wary of wishes and not wanting to get himself in trouble, makes a selfless wish for “prosperity for my house and my people”. The Genie interprets this as a propserous future for the Storm Elves, which he says is assured.

The party then makes it’s way to the final chamber: which turns out to be a deep, ice-filled shaft going down to darkness, and equipped with some kind of lift/elevator device. The party makes arrangements to descend, with Liath staying at the top in order to work the lift. Halfway down, however, a Dragon named Chossus makes it’s presence known in the cave. It seeks revenge on the Storm Elf King, as it has been trapped in this chamber for over a century due to the actions of Thessala of Khem and the difficulties surrounding the previous civil war. The Dragon almost carries Iolar off to feast on him, but some very hasty and desperate negotiations are made, and Iolar makes many promises, the most immediate of which is to get the Dragon out of the cave somehow.

With Zarunal’s help and a good deal of planning and advice from the entire party, it is eventually managed. Chossus is freed from the mountain, and the party decides to return to Tor Indradath to rest and resupply before descending the shaft to explore the lower caverns of Tsojcanth.

Before the session ends, Iolar figures out how to use his Shout spell to shatter the crustal growing on Zarunal’s hand.



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