Paths of Gaeda

Session 54

Unpleasant Surprises

The party investigates it’s only remaining avenue deeper into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Losfal falls afoul of a trap that seems to kill him instantly, but this is an illusion concealing a far more mundane and annoying pit trap, which eventually ensnares nearly the entire party in one fashion or another.

A further trap is noticed by Liath’s eagle eyes and deftly defused by Ala. The party makes their way deeper into the cavern and is ambushed by a hoard of spiders and a pair of giant ettins before reaching the shores of an underground lake. There is a current here – and a boat – and hints of something moving in the water.

The party retrieves the boat, discovers the secrets of its magical locomotion, and begins investigating those caves which give onto the lake. Disembarking in one likely area, they begin exploring the maze of passages only to find themselves cornered by some sort of apparition- in the ruins of a once-inhabited chamber they are accosted by the spirit – it screams at them, revealing itself to be a Banshee!



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