Paths of Gaeda

Session 52

The Memory of Trees

The party rouses them selves and discovers that Liath is missing. They eventually track him down to the grove of the nereid Lahn and attempt to break the enchantment upon him, unsuccessfully. Lahn appears and is angry at their meddling. She summons several water elementals and a battle ensues. Iolar is nearly drawn into the water himself by the nereid’s wiles, but eventually she is forced to surrender and agrees to restore Liath’s proper form.

The party picks their way north along the river. At one point, Liath sees that they are being followed/observed – he suspects by a small group of gnomes. Ultimately the group reaches a nearly hidden ravine of bare rock, which leads to a hidden staircase, partially obliterated. Eventually they come to a shelf of rubble where part of the mountain has fallen down, but there is evidence that the avalanche has buried some kind of structure here. Zarunal takes the form of an earth elemental and digs into the ground to investigate.

While he does so, the rest of the party is attacked by a dracolisk. Iolar is almost immediately turned to stone by it’s gaze, but the rest of the heroes make short work of the beast.

Zarunal returns and reports that there is some kind of cave system or structure buried below. IT appears that the party has finally found the [[Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.]] Zaurnal breaks the enchantment upon Iolar, and he is restored to life. Some arrangements are made, and the party uses dimension door spells to penetrate into the buried caverns.



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