Paths of Gaeda

Session 50

Return of the King

The party digs in for a long cold winter at Tor Indradath and makes the first steps towards rebuilding that shattered kingdom. An elven woman named Kendra El-Eladra shows up and insinuates herself into the court.

Meanwhile, a new party member, Bishop Losfal di Martillo of New Delos has been on the trail of the mysterious bespectacled man for some time, investigating a series of missing corpses and necromantic incidents. Tracking him to an old Storm Elf tomb complex, he witnesses the emergence of an undead colossus, which has been aimed at Tor Indradath. He joins the party there, and the abomination assaults the gates, but is ultimately put down.

Some time later, Anthec returns to Tor Naether, and demands a seat on the new High Council.

For notes on the Kingdom Building, see:
Kingdom Establishment
Kingdom Turn 1



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