Paths of Gaeda

Session 49

Wealth Management

The party spends a good deal of time in this session investigating the vast wealth hoarded by Ingo in Tor Indradath, and squabbling about it’s distribution, with Iolar arguing for the preservation of artifacts and Andros making a case for getting House Martillo it’s due shares out of the expedition.

Several dangerous traps are avoided through careful application of magic as locked chests are opened, revealing their contents. Numerous bits of magic, major and minor, are discovered, along with a vast trove of physical wealth. The crown jewels of the Storm Reaches are recovered, and placed in the trust of Indrid.

The party is perplexed when they find an extremely large and heavy sealed chest which, when opened, contains a flight of steps leading down into a good sized room. The room is littered with corpses, and there appears to be a lever on the opposite wall. Liath attempts to cross the room and pull the lever, but while wading through the bodies picks up a number of rot grubs who burrow into his leg. Fire and sharp steel are frantically applied to Liath’s body in an attempt to cut the burrowing worms out before they reach his heart. He barely survives the experience.

The lever on the opposite all turns out to be an exquisite facsimile of an arrow crafted entirely of iron, bearing an obscure and arcane fire rune on the broadhead shaft, which radiates weak magic. This strage artifact is wedged into a crack in the masonry in the far wall. Attempts are made to shoot with it, but it has the aerodynamic properties of a fireplace poker and there is little success.

September of 1902 has arrived, and Zarunal’s time to pay his debt is almost up. In desperation, he uses the Eye of Arioch to access the Akashic Record. Doing so requires him passing a test of entrance, answering a bevy of obscure questions before a panel of outsiders. He barely gains admittance, and learns some things about Galen, about his apprenticeship, and about the Eye of Arioch, although some of the answers are frustratingly vague.

Armed with this knowledge, he keeps his final appointment with his master and leaves his service in the same manner that Galen left his master: by making an attempt on his life by attacking him with magic. This turns out to be a largely symbolic or ceremonial act, and earns Zarunal his freedom.

The party will divide their wealth and dissolve the Storm Reaches expedition, and spend the winter holed up in Tor Indradath before they make the final push on to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth in the spring.



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