Paths of Gaeda

Session 47

Grand Theft

Ingo has brought his lieutenants into the Tor and has gathered them all in the Great Hall to coordinate his search for the interlopers. The party uses this opportunity for Iolar, Andros, and Liath to dimension door into the Librarium while Zarunal and Avron keep watch on the Great Hall from a hidey-hole in the ceiling. The trio in the LIbrarium meet stiff resistance: Ingo’s consort, one of his cousins, a couple of Orc Brute guards and a frost drake chained up like a dog next to Ingo’s treasures. Hanging on the wall behind the drake Iolar spots the blade Luhgrist.

Liath and Andros make short work of the Drake, although andros is grievously wounded in the process. Iolar leaps over the beast’s corpse, dodging large hunks of masonry hurled by Ingo’s relatives as he makes a grab for the sword. The hungry intelligence of the blade guides Iolar’s hand, momentarily sending him into a a fighting rage and allowing him to slaughter an orc brute. It’s bloodlust sated, the sword releases its grip on Iolar long enough for the three fellows to regroup and teleport away using one of Zarunal’s scrolls. Zarunal during this interval provides a furthur distraction by setting off several highly destructive spells in the Great Hall, killing many orcs and goblins and enraging and blinding Ingo. He eventually also leaves by teleport means with Andros. They are almost caught by some sort of dimensional anchor in the tower, but manage to slip the trap and get away from Tor Indradath successfully.

Afterwards, the party goes almost immediately to see Old Greyfang near Tor Embric. The dragon is irascible, morose, and not inclined to be friendly, however it acceeds to trade Luhgrist for Dagnorosa. The black blade protests, but zarunal manages to hand it over without incident.

Indrid and his scouts report that the emissaries of the various orc tribes around Tor Indradath are all fleeing away and that Ingo’s forces are temporarily weakened while he tries to regroup. After some debate, the party decides that it may be time to gather their forces and press a large frontal assault on Tor Indradath in an attempt to break Ingo’s power permanently.



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