Paths of Gaeda

Session 46

Breaking and Entering

Zarunal, Iolar, Avron, Liath, and Andros make their plans to enter Tor Indradath by stealth. Mio and Indrid disguise themselves as orcs and sneak into the camps surrounding the fortress, where they create a spectacular diversion which draws the attention of the hordes of orcs, goblins, and Ogres in the area. The remaining heroes use the opportunity to quickly scale a wall in an understaffed area of the fortress, killing a couple of guards in the process and sneaking into an old, unused sally port. Inside, however, the corridor is collapsed and the way is blocked, but Zarunal transforms himself into an earth elemental and clears the blockage.

The party begins their mission in relative stealth, quickly poking around the dungeons of Tor Indradath and trying to find a way into the upper halls. The tower is too well-staffed, however, and it is not long before they find themselves involved in a running fight. They are aided by the fortuitous discovery of am old and disused secret passage which allows them to hide as the alarm is gradually raised around the citadel.

They manage to gain access to a number of rooms in the fortress, but are unable to find the black blade. In the process, they kill a sleeping frost giant, and numerous goblins servants, as well as some orcs and an ogre. Using the secret passage as a vantage for spying, they discover that Mako has been captured during his earlier scouting mission the the fortress and has been killed. They also see Ingo for the first time and determine that he most likely sleeps in the old Librarium, but the room is in a difficult to reach position. As the session ends, Ingo is collecting his lieutenants and ordering a VERY thorough search of the Tor.



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